Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Its time to go

Monday morning we had breakfast with all our Rivers kids and grand kids and our friends Pat & Harold and Cam & Jill.  I spent most of the afternoon doing some stuff at Greg and Kaitlyn's while Sue looked after our grand daughter Grace.  We left around 4:30 and headed to Reston to have supper and spend the night with Derek and Nicole and grand kids Abby and Silas.   The toughest part of this whole south adventure is not seeing our family for that long.

We headed out from Reston Monday morning and crossed into the USA after lunch, south of Estavan Saskatchewan at Noonan.  We were at the border for less that 5 minutes while the customs agent came on board and confiscated half a tomato and 2 yellow peppers.  He waved and said have a nice winter and we were off.

We called it a day in Williston ND and found a nice spot down by the Missouri River.


We woke up to the most awesome sunrise ever the next morning.  Sure glad to be back on the road again.

Here's where we traveled the last 2 days.

The view from our window tonight

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