Tuesday 31 October 2017

Trick or Treat

Today was a long day and we covered 450 miles.  We wanted to be somewhere to see some costumes so we set our sites on Wally Docking in Mineral Wells TX. 

First I have something real important to share. This morning as we were leaving the campground in Dumas, I snuck into the bathroom just because.  Apparently due to cost cuts, privacy was not a priority in the bathroom.  I guess it would be a good place to catch up on the gossip with your neighbours.  So maybe this is something that might catch on in modern homes.  Just set the toilets up along a living room wall.  Would save a lot of money.  I know they tell me bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to build!!!! 

While I was in there, no one came to chat, but there was a fairly large friend down in the corner.  I just left him alone and went on my way.

It was still quite cold out this morning so we had the heat on again today.  We will be soooo ready for some 24C temperatures.

We did get to see some cotton harvest equipment all lined up ready to start a field.

A little farther down the road we spotted some buffalo.  It seems that lots of ranches in Texas are raising Buffalo.

We needed to stock up the Ponderosa with groceries so spent some time in Walmart shopping and watching all the kids coming in to get treats.  It helped us to get over not seeing all our kids and grand kids this Halloween.  One thing that impressed me about this store was the male waiting area just inside the entrance.  Pretty comfy place to hang out.

We did get pictures of most of our kids and grand kids in their costumes.  Because it is our blog we can share all the pictures of our family that we want and you have to look at them.  Enjoy!!!!

Sheri & Gord
Dani, Donovan, Rio, Joey
Close up of Dani
Although not his costume, Donovan got all dressed up for take a kid to work day.

We will never forget our angel Clayton taken a few years ago.
And Silas
Greg Kaitlyn & Grace
A close up of Grace
We got all the grand kids, just missing Derek and Nicole, and Karalee.

We hit the sack early tonight because we have one more big day of driving to make it to our destination, Magnolia Beach.  Here is the view from our window tonight.

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