Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mount Rushmore

Woke up this morning to cold temperatures.  Our plan for coming this way was to see Mount Rushmore and we will do it by hook or by crook.  We headed out around noon so it had time to warm up a little bit.  Still only around 2C.  Brrrrrr   As we climbed up the mountain it started to snow and blow and we wondered if we had made a good decision

By the time we got to the top and Mount Rushmore the clouds thinned and the sun peeked out a little bit.  The visit there was worth it even though it was cold, and its one more thing off the bucket list.

Once you are at Mount Rushmore you have to go another 20 miles to the Crazy Horse monument that they are currently working on.  It is a slow process and they charge you 25 bucks to see it.  They do have a lot of exhibits in the information area to look at.

Here is what the finished product should look like.

 We headed back to the Ponderosa and ran into some pretty icy roads on the way.  This is why we head south for the winter to get away from this.

The view from our window is the same as last night.


  1. We went and saw Mount Rushmore back in the fall of 2015 and enjoyed ourselves. We saw Crazy Horse from the road, we weren't about to pay the $25USD, it was just a little too much for our budget. Glad you saw it though and a enjoyed it. We might think about it again if and when it gets finished, in our lifetime, as the work is a slow process and we aren't getting younger. ;-)

  2. Crazy Horse is on my list!
    Kyra Miller

  3. I went to Mount Rushmore in 1990 with my high school band class - they were working on Crazy Horse back then - doesn't seem to be a lot done over the last 27 years!!! Love reading your adventures! Liam says hi and can't wait to see you (which I think translates to playing mini golf, boat rides, chicken fingers and ice cream! LOL). We are so grateful for his "adopted" Aunts and Uncles!!

  4. I went to Mount Rushmore in 1991, still a wonder to see and I would like to go back and see how far they have come on Crazy Horse.


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