Wednesday 30 November 2022

The Cost of Living

WHERE ARE WE? El Reno, Oklahoma

It was -12C when we woke up this morning.  Brrrrr.  It took a while to get the frost off the windshield so we could see to drive.  I hope we see the end of this cold soon.  The sun was shining so it helped warm up the MH a little faster.  By noon it was actually quite comfortable out and we began to see the fields getting greener.  The winter wheat is about 4 inches tall here and I asked a local farmer at the gas pumps what the frost does to the winter wheat.  He says it needs a few good frosts to ensure a good crop!!!

Speaking of gas pumps, the price of diesel was all over the map today.  We saw some for 5.12 a gallon early in the day.  Later on, I saw it for 4.49 a gallon so decided to stop and fill up.  When I got to the pump it said 4.87 a gallon so I just put in $50 worth to get me to where Gas Buddy said it was 4.39 a gallon.  When we go to the next spot, we were pleasantly surprised to find it was only 3.94 a gallon.  It's like winning the lottery!!  We took on 75 gallons which was almost a $75 dollar saving!!!

Now my pet peeve on fuel prices.  At the place diesel was 4.87 a gallon, gas was only 2.98 a gallon.  Thats almost a $2 difference!!   I remember 7 years ago when we started travelling, diesel was actually cheaper than gas.  What happened?  Well maybe it's like this.  First let me tell you that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I sure question the reason things are like they are.  Food prices have gone through the roof recently and I'm not sure the reason but I'm wondering if it is because the price of diesel is being artificially inflated.   They (large corporations) keep the price of gas down so everyone still gets to work to keep making more product for the rich corporations to sell, but they make sure all the employees' wages are spent trying to feed their family the expensive food that the rich corporation sells, meanwhile reaping the benefits from all their diesel that is bought delivering that expensive food.  It's all about money I think!!  I'm afraid that we have come to a point in our society where the poor are becoming expendable in the quest for the almighty dollar.  Rant over.

After ranting above about the cost of food, we did find lettuce for $1.88 a head instead of $4.98 like it is in Canada.  A year ago, the same lettuce was about 0.89 a head in both countries.  Who gets the extra money?  Not me and I'm betting not you or the farmer either!!!  (I guess the rant was not over!! LOL)

Well, we will be in Texas tomorrow and temps are on the rise.  By the time we get to Magnolia Beach the forecast says highs of 27C.  I'm gonna look for my shorts tomorrow because I will need them on Friday.   Archie says "Are we there yet?   How much farther?"  Goodnight


  1. Getting closer. Have a safe trip tomorrow.

  2. Good rant! I hope you feel better now.
    Wow you are really moving along. I suggest you post a warning before you start flashing those ghost white legs, folks need sunglasses! Safe travels.


  3. I agree about diesel and the food. I passed on the $7.00 head of lettuce at my store. I can definitely tell you the farmer is not getting ANY of the ridiculous increases!!

  4. The rant is justified. Barb pains $8 for 18 eggs the other day. Just ridiculous.

  5. I'm in central TX, and the low this morning (Thursday) was 32, and high was only 52, but tonight will be near 50 by morning, with tomorrows high of 76. Up and down, up and down. But nothing can get by with shorts Friday......but who knows about the next day. Ha. Have a safe and easy trip.

  6. That frost wasn't very nice to see, I'll bet!
    Texas here you come!! Glad you got the shirts out. Even a high of 60 will be nice for you!
    Good rant. I paid 4.99 for lettuce here in the Q. Too bad it doesn't keep, you could have bought 3 or 4!


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