Thursday 1 December 2022

Finally some Warmth.

WHERE ARE WE? Giddings Texas

Well, we have finally shaken off winter.  Today was pleasant all day starting at 0C this morning and ending up about 15C.   We are currently in a town called Giddings which is south of Waco.  We are in a Walmart again but only for the convenience of being able to just park and shut down for the night.  We drove almost 700 Kms today which is a huge day for us, but because we were on the interstate, we could hold it at 100kms/hr most of the day without slowing down for small towns.  We have about a 2-hour drive to get to Victoria Texas where we will de winterize and wash the rig and Jeep in a city park with full services.  We have used about 8 gallons of water since we left home on Sunday, so really looking forward to a long hot shower and getting the dishes washed.  We also look forward to meeting up with our friends Chuck and Ang and then Ed and Lessie a few days later.  So far, the weather looks good for us for a while.  I will break out the shorts tomorrow!!!

It was overcast for most of the day, but like I said it was warmer than we have had.

We are catching the tail end of fall here with some nice colour still in the leaves.  I apologize for the dirty windows but the weather hasn't been right to even clean the windows.

Sue spent some time watching the live stream of some of our Cj's girls at Provincial Volleyball.  It was kinda boring for me just listening to sneakers squeaking on the floor.  I couldn't watch the video because I was driving.  I asked Sue who won, and she didn't have any idea.  Just said it was fun to watch the game.  Good luck Taylor, Anika, and Meadow!!!!

Once again, we went straight through Fort Worth rather than doing bypasses.  I think that is the best way ever because there are no turns, no slowdowns, just pick a middle lane and go.  We did have lots of construction areas with really narrow road between concrete barriers and doing 60 mph +.  Good for the heart!!!  Love the overpasses

So tonight, we are in Giddings, and we are starting to miss Kenia.  All of the stores have Spanish and English on the signs.  The one word we do remember is bano!!!   Goodnight!!


  1. You did have a long day but glad you are in the warmth. Uphill from here, so to speak.enjoy.

  2. Long drive but you made it to Texas with good weather. Today should be much easier I hope. Be safe

  3. Welcome to the heat, I’m sure you and Sue are appreciating it. Overcast days are good driving days, no sun in your eyes. Lol.
    You folks have hustled right along but hopefully you can slow down some and enjoy the journey now. Only a short distance to meet with your friends and I envision some smiles, hugs and food in the near future. Safe travels friends!


  4. Good to hear you have reached warmer climes. Wish I was someplace warmer too.
    I agree that prices are absolutely crazy, and its all about the almighty dollar and the rich wanting more and more. If I was 0n my own there is no way I could survive...

  5. I bet it will be nice to dewinterize the rig and break out those shorts!


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