Tuesday 20 December 2022

Supper with Kenia and Jose

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Good news is that Oscar is doing fine.  He rested today, but the bad news is he still has one more tooth to get pulled.  He is a trooper so not to worry.

A few little projects today in an effort to get set up.  Since we got here we have just did what we had to, to exist.  Today was internet day.  The guys came and hooked up our local Mexican internet and router.  The park has wifi but it is pretty weak.  So for a few hundred peso's, we get our own dish and boom! we have good internet.  

Archie is sure enjoying his walks on the beach.  He can be trusted off leash sometimes if it is not busy.  He has a couple dogs that he plays with and today a new Mexican dog came along. They fell in love and played for the longest time.  

Although it is hard to get in the Christmas spirit down here, we try.  I put up some lights around our sitting area and I think they look fine if I do say so myself!!!  

The only thing on our schedule was a "Welcome to Mexico" supper at their Casa.  We have not been to Kenia and Jose's house yet so we looked forward to it all day.  When we arrived, we got a little tour of the house which is quite cute.  Like most houses here, the floors are shiny ceramic which always gives it some class.  Kenia and her friends were busy cooking up a storm.  Lots of chicken!!  

Susan thought it was hot in the kitchen so she kept sticking her head in the freezer!!

Here are some pictures of the supper.  It was delicious!!

I think Kenia and Jose were pleased to host something at their house and we were honored to be part of it.  Thanks guys.

We haven't had much for sunsets here this year because a little cloud cover comes rolling in about that time every day.  Heres what we had today.   Good night


  1. So glad to see Archie is having fun!
    That's about how we are with Gibbs. Could trust him off leash a bit in the desert.
    Lovely sunset, they've not been too special here either. Your lights look quite nice.


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