Monday, 5 December 2022

Ships Always Intrigue Me.

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

We woke up to a foggy morning here on the beach.  It is quite humid, but the temperature was still about 21C.  I'm not about to complain.  I love to spend time here at Magnolia Beach watching the boat traffic. There were lots of fishing boats going up and down the channel today.  Some were fishing in front of us, but most were travelling back and forth in the shipping channel.


And we saw a couple big tanker ships.  I love watching these go by.  

We made a couple new acquaintances today in a couple from Alberta who are going to be exploring mainland Mexico this year.  They were just stopping over here and happened strike up a conversation with us.  We exchanged a lot of information, and we hope to run into them when we get to La Penita in a couple weeks.  George and Penny have been touring in their Volkswagon van for a few years now.

I took a little drive around town today to see if anything had changed.  Not really, but I did notice that "Edgar" is ready for Christmas.  I always love to see what he is dressed up in every time we visit here.

Well tonight I am checking out some wiring diagrams to figure out how to install a Maxx air Vent fan in place of our rear AC unit which is old and failing.  We don't use AC in Mexico anyway so we may as well have good ventilation in the bedroom.  I bought a good one with remote control etc.  More about this project when I give it a whirl tomorrow.  For now, Good Nite.


  1. A nice location to spend a few days while you recover from several days driving. I like the Santa Claus.



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