Friday 23 December 2022

Something Stinks!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Archie and I headed out for a morning walk on the beach like we do on a lot of days, except todays walk ended a little different.  He is actually well enough behaved that I allow him to go free for most of the walk unless there are rough looking Mexican dogs around.  Well today he was lagging a bit and I didn't notice him find something really really stinky gross and he rolled in it.  He didn't want to give up when I called him so I had to go put a leash on him and then get him home without touching him.  He was a mess.  I stopped by the water hose, and because the water here is from a cistern it is actual quite tempred which is good for hosing him off.  Sue brought me some shampoo and he got a scrub down.  He still didn't smell 100%, but way better than he did.  He then crawled up in a chair to dry off with that HUH What did I do look!!

We headed downtown to do some Christmas shopping for Oscar today.  He loves clothes and is rather particular about what he wears, so rather than buy him stuff he doesn't like, we took him shopping and let him pick them out.  Kenia came along for assistance.  I had to clean out the Jeep a bit before we left and there was some leftover Christmas suckers on the floor!  They must have fallen there when we used the Jeep in the Christmas parade back home before we left Rivers.  We all enjoyed eating them up now so were glad they hid away and came to Mexico.

We went out for pollo for lunch at a neat little place in Rincon Guyabitos.  There chicken is pretty good.

When we got home I did something that makes more room in the entry way when we will be in one spot for a while.  I took the passenger seat out and we moved it back into the living room where it provides extra seating.

After supper I walked downtown to pick up some supplies.  The downtown was actually quite busy tonight.  

I walked by the Purple Martin perch and there are a few of them back here again.  Not as many as last year, but maybe its a bit early yet.  I'm sure the cold weather up north will get them here faster now.

I saw an interesting thing today.  The Mexican government has a policy for people who have to work on Christmas day.  I guess this ensures that if you are needed to work, you are well paid. (in Mexican terms).

And some sunset pictures to end the day.  Good Nite.

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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Sorry yo hear that Archie is stinky but glad he was able to have a bath. All good here except I have a bad cold. First one in a very long time. Just put the turkey carcass to boil for many days of turkey soup.


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