Sunday 18 December 2022

Breakfast out

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Another gorgeous day in paradise.  Archie and I went for coffee and him and Rudy the guard dog had a great play time.  Rudy loves to run around and Archie loves to chase him.  Rudy gets tired and lays down and Archie is relentless in trying to get him going again.  It is good exercise for both of them.

Come on buddy, lets play

I'm gonna eat you....kidding!

Archie is relentless

Reminds me of El Toro in the bull fights

Today we had reservations at the brand new Anju restaurante just down the beach from us.  It is an upscale place with a restaurant out over the water.  Hang on to your hat, it will be pricey!!!  We walked there on the beach and arrived right on time.  They took us out on the pier to our seats.  Gorgeous view.

The Gang: Sue, Suzanne, Normand, Joanne, Blair, Me

Normand was the only one wearing a hat so when we sat down, the waiter brought him his own personal hat rack which he placed right by his chair. We thought it was quite unique and Normand had a good snicker about it.

Everyone had Huevo's Benedictiones (Eggs Benedict) except Sue who had French Toast.  My meal was well presented but the quality was a little lacking.  The English muffins under the eggs was burned so badly that you couldn't cut it with a steak knife.  The hollandaise sauce was lacking any pizazz and the hash browns were from a freezer package.   I compared this to the ones Kenia makes and these only rate a 5 but Kenia's are a 9.  Sue said her French Toast was excellent.  Highly overpriced for the local area but compared to Canada probably not bad.  315 peso's which is about $22.00 Cnd.  Our total bill for breakfast was 870 persos before tip, and included one $200 peso Memosa!! If you ordered the same thing at Irma's downtown it would probably run you 300 pesos for both meals without the Memosa.

A little thing that was a great touch, was the branded toast.  We will have to think about doing this at Cj's back home on our signature burgers.

A shot of each of the dining couples.

This restaurant is right be the gate to the big RV Park that we used to be in and some might remember me posting about the cemetery that was falling into the ocean.  Well it is still falling into the ocean, but there are good efforts being made to clean it up in general.  The garbage and overgrowth has all been removed and some of the graves fixed up.  The ones by the ocean have not been touched yet unfortunately. 

We headed back home via the beach.  The girls lead the way and we followed in their footsteps. 

Sue went to visit her friend in the afternoon and I stayed home and did nothing.  Well I did add up how much we paid in tolls in Mexico on our trip down.  Total was not really that bad, and if we wanted to spend a little more time on the libres (free roads) we could have saved maybe 1000 peso's.

Steve and Julie and George and Henny had invited us up to the big RV Park for Hamburger night, so about 4:30 I headed up the beach to the park.  It was nice to meet up with lots of folks we know and I had a nice supper with Joel and Louise.  We did some discussions about our mutual friends Kevin and Ruth and their travels in lots of countries in Europe and discussed Joel and Louises adventures there as well.   Kevin and Ruth were actually responsible for convincing us to travel to Mexico the first time. 

After I got home from the park, Kenia texted to say that her Grandma and who family had arrived back in town after being away visiting friends up North.  They were all at the Plaza so I went down to see them.  It was great to see all of them and especially Oscar.  He is such a handsome fella.

I grabbed a quick waffle for desert and then headed home.  That was our day.  Its time to head for bed.  Good Nite!!


  1. My ears were burning. We are trying to place Joel and Louise. Have we actually met them?

    1. I believe you have met. They used to write a blog. Maybe it will jog your memory.

  2. You guys are on top of it (Restaurant Joke) checking out all the new cool things in town.f You guys look great and it is so fun to see the friendly faces of last year. Yes Archie is relentless, I think Emma would have probably taken a round out of him by now. But Archie, I am sure would just shake it off and start again :) because he is so darn cute. Hugs to you both and the La Penita Tribe from us here folks in Puerto Penasco.


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