Thursday, 8 December 2022

Another Project done

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

After a good morning coffee break I took on the project of the day.  Today was change out the air conditioner and replace it with a Maxx Vent fan day.  Yesterday I got the wiring done which was a big one that had weighed heavy on my mind.  Today was the grunt work.  First was to take off the broken, cracked cover and throw it off the MH.  

Next thing was to remove the AC unit without ripping or cracking the roof.  We had a guy take our front one off once and by prying it loose he ripped the roof and made a mess so I learned from that.  Best way is to cut the foam which is between the unit and the roof.  Its about and inch thick so easy to cut. Then the AC unit lifts right off leaving just the foam and silicone to remove.

Next step was to clean up where the old ac was and make it ready to install the new unit.  23 years of grunge under there. 

I forgot to take a finished picture on the roof and it is dark now so this picture will have to do.  It looks exactly the same, just this has a cleaner roof.  This picture shows the open position so no rain can get in followed by the closed up picture.  It hugs the roof real nice.

So then inside I went to hook up the wires and finish the trim.  This is the view laying in our bed so the fan will blow down on us if we choose.  Also notice the clock on the ceiling.  Isn't that the place to have it when your laying in bed?

And to add to the functionality of the fan, the remote is mounted right above our heads so we can turn it on and off without moving much.  I always hate having to get out of bed more often than necessary.  This picture is looking straight up while laying on my pillow.

During the afternoon I stopped for a coffee and we were sitting in the front of the MH when we saw a dolphin jump out of the water right in front of us.  Of course I didn't get a picture and he never jumped that high again so this is all I have.

We had a small happy hour and then it was time to call it a day.  Susan has hung some lights in the front so we have a little Christmas reminder.  I think when we get to Mexico she will spruce it up a bit more.

And to my delight it was Survivor night!!!  Remember we stream it rather than live, so we have to wait until Thursday to watch it.  Next week is the finale already.  

The moon across the bay is very pretty so that is my closing photo. Good Nite.


  1. Good job, the fan looks nice. I’m not sure about the clock though. A projection clock might be a better idea, and you can see the time even if it’s dark. However whatever works for ya! It’s a good feeling to get things off the chore list.


  2. I also watch Survivor on Thursdays. Next week is the finale? It always comes so quickly.

  3. Agree with Survivor! What a great season and they're always short. I also watch on Thursday.

  4. Great job!!
    Looking to do same for our rig
    Was the wiring there or did you have MacGyver cabling through the ceiling and walls?

    Bit hi to Susan


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