Friday 16 December 2022

Our Second Home!!!

WHERE ARE WE?  Numero Uno Boutique and RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We will make it home at last today. It was cool this morning when we got up.  This is definitely not the part of Mexico I want to spend the winter in.

Today was a short driving day because we only had 190 kms to go. More narrow winding roads to start with. 

Another part of the trip took us through a volcano field.  The volcanic rock is right up to the road and looks a lot like lumps of coal. 

Then came the part of the trip when we got to Compostela and turned on to Highway 200 that involves heading down the mountain trying to keep on the narrow windy road while meeting trucks and busses, who sometimes hog the road a bit on curves.  A lot of the road is covered with trees so it is like speeding down a bobsled course at breakneck speeds.  It is actually only about 30 or 40 km/hr and I am making it a bit more dramatic than it is, but it seems like racing at first.  It is a real challenge and I love it.  The drive is beautiful and breathtaking in more ways than one.  

Las Varas is like the end of the interesting trip and is an easy 4 lane from there to La Penita.  There is a corrupt cop there and everyone tries to tiptoe through there without getting stopped.  It would be fun to get to deal with him, but not right now.  I want to get to La Penita.

We arrived and as usual I fill the MH up with fuel and fuel conditioner to keep the condensation factor to a minimum.  It is often quite humid here so condensation is a problem.

Then a couple more narrow roads and we will be home.  Cabo San Lucas is a very narrow street and is the only way into our RV spot.  It is a bit like threading a needle to get into our spot.  First of all a tight turn onto the street.  That's me just turning onto the street!

Up the lane we came.

Then I have to swing wide even though they have dug a ditch this summer.  I had a bit of trouble trying to get my front tire to hop back out of the trench but I did.

Once out of trench it came and Joel had to make sure the low wire was lifted enough to slide over the AC.  My job was to make sure we were swinging as wide as we could.

Now comes the thread the needle part.  you can see that I am about 3 inches from the wall and light on the passenger side, while the mirror on the drivers side is just sliding past the gate post.  Its tight!!! But I've done it twice before so I kinda know the right angle to hit the hole.

I think Jeff was a little unsure if I could do it so he gave me a hand!!! LOL  Thanks Jeff!!!

A couple more wiggles and we were in our parking spot for the next 3 months.  Whew!!!  We made it.  It is such a good feeling to have a great place to spend the winter.

We are about as close to a Mexican Wall as we can get!!! Lol.

It wasn't long and we were surrounded by old friends from previous trips.  Blair and Joanne are here in their favorite spot on the the beach.

And we had to have our first game of Skip-bo this season with Normand and Suzanne!

And we topped our evening off by spending some time with Kenia!!  We certainly miss our family and friends back home, but we do have a wonderful group of friends here.  We will sleep good tonight.  Good Nite!!!


  1. Glad you're back at your happy place!

  2. Welcome home, my friends!

  3. So glad you made it safe and sound. We miss you guys and Emma misses Archie


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