Friday, 2 December 2022

We Made It!!

WHERE ARE WE? Victoria Texas

We had a short drive 170 km drive today to get to Victoria Texas where we met Chuck and Angela.  They have been here a few days already.  The little city park is quite full but there were a couple spots available after others pulled out this morning.  It costs $12 a night so we will stay Friday and Saturday night before heading to Magnolia Beach which is a half hour down the road.  This will give us a chance to de-winterize and maybe wash some of the salt and grime off the MH after travelling in the crappy weather earlier in the trip.   I am still not used to taking pictures for the blog so didn't get one of our spot until after dark tonight.  

Mostly just relaxed all day and got the water working and had a wee nap.  Then we went out for supper to the Golden Corral (Human Feedlot) for a great supper.  For a buffet, they have some great food and liver and onions were on the menu tonight, and it was delicious.  Of course, we all over ate but that's what you do at the GC!!

Ang mentioned that there was a Christmas Market down in old Victoria tonight so after supper we decided to get some exercise and see what it was all about.  There were lots of vendors and lots of people everywhere.

  And of course, it was all the Christmas themes.

There were some neat little shops down in this part of town too.  We have never ventured here before.  The big old courthouse was spectacular as well.

It was a great day and evening, especially spending it with friends.  Ed and Lessie will be joining us sometime after the weekend and I'm sure we will get up to no good!!!  Until then Goodnite!!


  1. Great that you are down in the warmth and enjoying time with friends.

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound. Now the relaxing begins.

  3. A great looking evening! Good friends, good food, good weather, the perfect mix.


  4. I'm so glad you're back in the states headed south. It's going to be fun following you again this year.

  5. That courthouse looks like the one in Back to the Future. (Glad you've made it to the nice weather. Hi Sue too.)


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