Sunday 11 December 2022

Santa Made an Appearance Back Home

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

Spent the morning just checking fluids on MH and doing a general check over.  All that good stuff that is supposed to make travelling trouble free, but seemingly means nothing when we break down on the road.  None the less it is comforting when the engine quits and someone says "Did you check the oil?", you can honestly say yes.  The fact that it was a couple gallons low and you didn't add any won't really matter much at that point, just the fact that you checked it!!!

As usual the excitement of the day was boats coming and going.  A couple of them today.

We did go out for lunch with our friends Randy and Sue.  We went to a seafood place and had some fish and shrimp.  It was quite good.  And guess what?.... I didn't take a single picture.  

It is the time of year for the grandkids Pictures with Santa so here is what I have.  I even took a minute to pose with the jolly old guy.  Old Guy???  I'm probably older than Santa now!!!!

I don't know what Santa told Lincoln, Silas, Emma, and Abby, but they must have liked it.  Love these smiles.

And then there was Grace and Max.  Oops no Grace.  She's not having any part of that guy, but Max says, what the heck, I'm not taking any chances!!!

We will catch Donovan, Susan and Grace at a later time for their Santa pictures.  So that was our day.  We watched some TV and off to bed.  Good Nite!


  1. wow that picture of you must be taken with your favourite grandchild

  2. There is comfort in knowing!
    Great pics with the jolly old fella, Santa too.


  3. Cute pictures of the grandkids with Santa.
    I also like the one with pooch watching the boat.


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