Monday 12 December 2022

Tricky Little Elf!!

WHERE ARE WE?  Magnolia Beach, Texas

Well our time on the beach is coming to a close.  Tomorrow is launch day for our next adventure.  The weather has been coolish warm and overcast most of the time and quite humid.  I'm not complaining when I hear what it was like back home a couple days ago.  The girls headed up the beach on their walk to collect god knows what that washes ashore.  The talk is more important I think.

Later in the afternoon we all went for supper in Port Lavaca which was good, but the important thing was the stop at DQ on the way home.  Everyone ordered and were wandering so I went and got an order number from off the counter in back.  It was number 36 so he was going to be waiting a while cause they were only just starting at 1.  He carried it around for a while before realizing that I was playing with him.  

I saw a post by our daughter Nicole showing pictures of her elf on the shelf goings on.  She really comes up with some awesome stuff for those kids.  She put flour or something on the ceiling fan and then Ralph wrote a note telling them to pull string #3.  When they did the fan started and covered them in flour.   They thought it was amazing!!!

As some of you know, I have a weird sense of humour sometimes and saw this on Facebook as well.  It took a minute to pickup on what was going on, but even though it is a bit morbid, I thought it was funny.  In fact I laughed out loud!!!!   Good Nite!!

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  1. I hope the kids don't read this blog 😳


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