Wednesday, 7 December 2022

A Little Project Going On.

WHERE ARE WE?  Magnolia Beach, Texas

Another foggy morning which translates into wet chairs if they were not put away.  Such was the case this morning and we had to scramble to find dry chairs.

It wasn't long and the fog started to lift.  Some ships going out of the bay were blowing their fog horns.  What a great sound they make as they lumber along.

We sat outside quite a while catching up on all the goings on.  I think we must have been a bit boring cause we lost Chuck somewhere along the way.  A little nap never hurt anyone.

My project for today was to figure out the electrical for changing over the AC unit in the bedroom to a Maxx Air vent fan.  First things first I had to get all the insides of the AC out so I could figure out the wires.

Of course the main wiring for the AC unit is 120V and there is no 12 volt at all.  Any of the 12 volt systems back there are converted from 120V right in the unit.  So I checked at the main power panel and found the 120V wire and disconnected it.  Then right beside the 120V panel is the 12V panel.  So I just took those wires and hooked them to 12V feeds.  Now I have 12V at the back.  Problem solved.

I did find out very quickly that the breakers are all labelled wrong.  The microwave breaker actually turned out to be the Rear AC and I have no idea what the breakers labelled AC are?  Project for another day.  Next step for tomorrow will be to remove the AC unit on the roof and replace it with the fan.

Well we ended the day with the fog rolling in again.  We are loving the warmth but the humidity is crazy.  Supposed to be sunny tomorrow.  Until then, Good Nite!


  1. Wow, that fog is crazy!!
    Did you put your chairs away? 🤔🤤

  2. Water and fog go hand in hand, fog call roll in and out multiple times in a day or night with no warning. Nice photo of Chuck, guess he didn’t like the conversation. Good luck with the fan project.



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