Thursday 29 December 2022

Supper Out Again!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Sometimes it seems like our lives are on repeat.  Because the weather is nice, we don't mind just hanging around home and relaxing.  Because of this, it is sometimes hard to come up with an entertaining blog.  I guess even the ho hum things we do here are kinda cool if you have not experienced them.  Mexico is a country steeped in culture.  Even in the 4 years we have been here, we see what the western world calls progress.  Bigger and better stores and hotels and newer cars are showing up more regular.  I sometimes wonder if this is actually good.  Oh well, it is still an awesome place to hang out for the winter.
Today Kenia and I hit up the market looking at all the knick knacks.  Nothing I needed or wanted.  We did run into Louis and eventually his family and friends.  Good to see them again.  They have bought a place in Guayabitos so will not be in the RV park where we are this year.  We will go visit them sometime soon, and tonight they will join us for supper at Las Koritas.

Kenia's friend Chris joined us for lunch uptown and we had a good time laughing and trying to understand what each other was talking about.  Chris is a good young man who has a little restaurant in Colonia.  He and Kenia sell much the same things.  We are going to visit him next Tuesday.

Kenia and I were talking about how one day she would have a place as big and as popular as this one.  She was envisioning her name in neon lights outside.

A few groceries and back home to spend some time on the beach watching the Pelicans diving for their supper.  There must have been a school of fish out there cause they hung around for a long time.  Its neat to watch them dive bomb for their catch.  They are successful more times than they miss.

It was soon time for sunset so everyone lined up on the beach.

And it didn't disappoint.  Never a bad sunset!!  One thing is that it sets about 5 pm so it is dark by 5:30 or so.  Good thing the temperatures stay up after dark.  Generally it stays around 24C all night, so jackets are never needed.

Tonight we were attending supper at Sergio's at the invitation of Pat and Harold.  The supper was to be a meet and greet for their daughter Julie and her SO Jason however their flights got delayed until the 31st.  So it turned out to be a welcome back for Louis and Candice and Journey and a get together for the rest of us.  We had a great meal of coconut shrimp.  No organized pictures but you get the drift from these.

Always a great meal and social event at Las Korita's.  We chatted for quite a while before the rice pudding girl showed up and took some of my money!!!  Mmmmm they make such good rice pudding here.  The end to another day was sneaking up so off to home we went with our hearts and tummies full!!!   Good Nite!!

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