Tuesday 30 October 2018

Our Jello plan for the Winter.

Yesterday was one of those days.   I got up in the morning, drank my coffee and headed off to work.  Worked until 5 pm and came home.  Had supper and watched TV.  Then went to bed.  How's that for a boring day.  We are still planning on leaving on Wednesday morning if nothing else changes.

Here is our tentative route for the next month or so.  We hope the weather co-operates because we would like to spend some time at Land between the Lakes which is not far from Nashville.  Friends of ours are there already and report that it is absolutely beautiful there.  Looking forward to that.

When the weather starts to go south on us, we will meander our way down to Florida.  We will be meeting some of our kids there in December and January so need to find a place to set up camp for a while.  After that we hope to head to Panama City Beach to visit relatives who winter there.  Apparently their plans have not been disrupted by the hurricane and we hope to be able to stay there for a week or so.  Then on to Mardi Gras in New Orleans for a while, and then to Magnolia Beach Texas.  Next stop will be back home for the summer.

Now as you know, ALL of our plans are in jello but you have to have a starting plan.  That's what it is...… a starting plan.  Maybe our paths will cross somewhere along the way and we would love to meet you on your travels.


  1. We'll miss seeing you this year but glad you are getting away from the approaching Winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice to travels south for the warmth and visit, hope you enjoy Mardi Gras non stop chaos. In New Orleans around that time.

  3. We do need to have a plan. Sad that we won't cross paths this winter but the main thing is that you're enjoying life. Travel safe, hope you get out of there as originally scheduled. :)

  4. Hey you will be driving right through Effingham! Be sure to have the camera ready to take a picture of the giant cross. And wave at our kids and grandkids on the way by. See you soon.


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