Monday, 6 May 2019

Let the Fun Begin!!

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba
NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

Well it is time to start our summer at CJ's.  We have been dragging our heels while waiting for it to warm up a bit.  It wasn't exactly warm out today but we will run out of time if we don't get started.  Our son Derek showed up in the morning so him and I went to town to get Karalee's truck out of storage.  It has been sitting at Pat and Harold's shop for the winter.   Hooked the battery up and vroom!  It started right up.  We drove it down to the shack ready to haul some stuff for us.

It was still quite cool out and Derek said that I should have some safety coveralls that I can use at work this summer.  He works for a lot of oilfield companies so has a lot of spare coveralls.  The back seat of his truck is full of work stuff.

He found a nice orange pair in the back of his truck that fit over my big belly.  Thanks Derek.  They did the trick.

Next on the list was to get the lawn tractor out of the shed.  We had to boost it to get it going so we parked it by the Ponderosa so we could use the solar power to charge the battery.

So Derek bought a travel trailer this spring for his family to do some camping in.  He will use it for work as well because he works all over Manitoba and Saskatchewan and they will pay him to stay in his own trailer.   I guess he must have the same bug as me because he wants to do some dry camping so he went out and bought a couple generators to make power for him.  Instead of one expensive generator they sold him two small ones.  I thing they are 2000 watts each.  Then they sold him a parallel cord to hook them together if he needs more power.  When he is only running low wattage stuff he only needs to start one generator.  They are very quit.  I am interested to see how it will work.  Now he has to find a campsite to dry camp in.

Another project we worked on was changing the heating element in the hot water tank in CJ's.  The hot water tank was installed with the element to the back of the cupboard so I had to re route the water lines so it will now be on the front side.  We often burn one out because when we close down in the fall we are still using the power for the Ponderosa and the parks guys sometimes drain the water lines and I forget to turn off the hot water tank breaker, or else in the spring before the water is on, I go roaring in there and turn on the power before the water has been turned on and bang.  We have been here 3 years now and this is the 3rd heater element I have replaced so it is obvious that I am a slow learner.  


We haven't really touched the shack yet because it is just too chilly.  Tomorrow we have to because there is lots to do in there.  It is still full of a lot of storage stuff.

Here is the view out our window tonight.  No one is brave enough to sit out in the cold and our fire pit is over by CJ's.  

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  1. Love the new coveralls! Hope they can help keep ya warm.


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