Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Scary news!!

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba
NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

We had a bit of excitement this morning but it turned out ok.  Apparently because we went to bed early last night and Sue normally has the sound turned off on her phone, we missed her sister trying to get hold of us last night.   When Sue and I finally checked our texts this morning there was one there from Sheri for Sue to call her sister right away!  Now that is never a good feeling when you get that message and your mind races trying to figure out what has happened.  Well apparently Chuck, who is Sues sisters husband (did you follow that?) had a heart attack last night and was in hospital awaiting surgery and probably a stent.   He was doing ok now and resting but his blood was too thick for them to operate or something like that so they put him on blood thinners for a while.  Its always scary when it involves the heart and blockages and blood thinners.  Chuck is only 49 years old and fit as a fiddle so it can happen to anyone!!  We wish him a speedy recovery.  I think maybe he has always envied me and my heart attack and all the attention I got!!!  Its tough being the big brother in law!!!

So here is a little tidbit if you have an Iphone or are trying to call someone who has their phone on do not disturb after a certain time of night.  If you have an emergency and you call someone and it is after 10 pm and you can't get through, hang up and immediately call again.  This will make the phone bypass the silent mode and it will ring normally.  This is good to know if you really need to talk to someone later at night.  Also you can set your iPhone to allow certain people to ring at night but only if you set them up in your notifications settings.   I have our kids set up to call through at anytime of day, but everyone else is on silent after 10 pm.  So remember there are ways to get through to the person you need to talk to, but they probably won't be happy if it isn't some kind of emergency!!

My normal morning starts with a coffee with Sue at the Ponderosa.  This morning we had to take Grace to nursery school at 9 because she spent the night at "the bus" with us.  Then normally around 10 I head into town for coffee with the boys.  This is kind of a waste of time but it is a necessary thing if you want to find out what is happening in town.  This morning I was late getting away but by the time I got back it had warmed up quite a bit.  Still a bit chilly but the coveralls kept me warm.

Some of the electrical circuits in CJ's are a bit wonky so I figured maybe today was a good day to get them straightened out.  I was busy working away checking to see which outlets were on which breakers and testing them with my tester.  Well I guess I turned the knob on the tester at some point to a different setting, because when I tested this outlet I found out there was power there alright.  A flash and a bang!!  I didn't like that tester anyway!!  I threw it in the garbage and off to town again for a new tester.  Now you have to realize that we are only 2 miles from town so it is not a big deal to run in there a few times a day!!

One of the things I did find was that some of the old breakers were getting loose and if you wiggled them you could hear sizzling.  That is never a good things, so in the car and off to town to buy a couple new breakers.  

Sue and I got all the stuff in the Shack moved outside and she did a big clean inside.  It is always nice to start off the season squeaky clean!!.

One of the reasons that we are not parked in our summer seasonal spot is because they have a few dead trees to cut down around the site.  Today I saw them go by hauling one of them so we will probably get to move to our site soon!

Kaitlyn and Greg invited us for supper tonight so we cleaned everything up and headed in there about 5:30ish for supper.  Greg's mom Elaine, joined us because she is working in Rivers off and on and was here today.  Kaitlyn is involved in the new town daycare that just started up and they have been having some staffing issues, so sure enough, she got called away to an emergency meeting just before supper.  So Greg stepped up to the plate and prepared us a delicious chicken supper with baked potatoes and salad.  It was quite yummy!  Thanks Greg.

After supper Sue dropped Grace and I off at the Ponderosa and she and Kaitlyn and Elaine went to a girls paint night here in town.  They like to get out and do stuff together and painting of course is Sues favorite pastime.  I will get to see the finished product at a later date I guess.

Here is a closer view of the lake out our window.  It is so pretty when all the leaves get on the trees, which hasn't happened yet.


  1. I'm glad your copy cat b-i-l is okay. I doubt he wished for it just to get attention. haha
    I'm sure it's nice to get the Shack emptied and all cleaned up. We don't turn our phones on dnd. That way we know it would be an emergency. Or better be!
    So, the tester thing........um, you have curly hair now? We'd like to see Sue's painting too!

  2. Hey cool tip about the Iphone, thanks. I'm sure it's nice to get all those things done and get ready for the season. Sending prayers your way that all goes well with Sue's brother-in-law.

  3. Hope everything went well for Sue's sister's husband.
    Sounds like you are getting ready for a busy season.
    Would like to see a picture of Sue's painting, also.

  4. I have my iPhone set similar to yours. I don’t want to miss the kids call anytime. I started that when our son was in Iraq, it worked so well I just kept it.
    It’s always nice to spend time with family. Get your fill so maybe we can see y’all in the winter!


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