Thursday, 2 May 2019

The Rose

WHERE ARE WE?           Bentley Alberta, CANADA eh!     
NEXT DESTINATION?    Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba on Saturday

We often wonder what our kids are made of and sometimes we dont get to see them in their true light when they are younger and living under our roof.  We have had all of our kids do things and act in ways that make us wonder what they are thinking at the time.  Now as they get older they tend to figure out life and what is really important.  When they get to that point we know we have done a good job.  We are glad that we stayed strong as parents and ended up with the kids we have today.  They all make us so dog gone proud!!  We don't always like to remember some of the not so pleasant events in our lives, but this story today is about one of those moments.

Back when our youngest, Karalee graduated high school her and Sue had a little dispute about something on graduation day.  I don't remember what it was or who started it and that is not important to the story.  Part of the graduation ceremony was the rose presentation.  Each graduate was given a rose by the school to give to their parents.  All of the other graduates gave their roses to either one of the parents, or both,  but Karalee had a little quandary.  She had a little tiff with Sue and decided to bypass her for the rose, and because her biological dad Ed and me, her stepdad were there she couldn't pick one over the other, so she decided to give it to her sister Sheri.  Sheri of course was mortified that she didn't give it to her mom, but went with it.  Sue and I were very disappointed and it was not a great thing at the time.  Sue didn't know what to think at the time, and I quickly assured her that because Karalee was a free spirit, she just didn't see the sense in that part of the ceremony and it really didn't mean anything to her so what the heck, she just gave it to someone.   Well today we found out that was not the case, and this has been bugging Karalee ever since that day.  Apparently the older she got the more she knew how hurt Sue really would have been  about the whole thing, so today she came to the door and called her mom over and apologized for what she did and presented her with a rose.  She said this was to take the place of the rose that she should have given her on that special day!!  Well there was not a dry eye in the house and Sue was beaming from ear to ear.   Lots of big hugs!  What a neat thing to do.  Thank you for making us soooo proud of you Karalee and thank you for putting that event to rest the best way you knew how!

Sue spent much of the morning doing an art project with Dani.  I think Dani was not quite prepared for an art lesson.  Sue asked her what she wanted to draw and she said, an Avacado!!  Sue talked her into something a little more artful and they had a great time creating it.  Sue showed her a lot of different brush strokes and how to blend the water colours.  They worked away for a long time.

When it was done even old gramps was pretty impressed with what she created.  Gramma loves when the grandkids follow in her footsteps and she loves to share her talents with them.  Good job Dani!!

Sue fixed us a nice supper of rice and meatballs.  There was broccoli too but who cares about that!!!

It was so good that Dani even went for seconds.

After supper we had a card game of golf.  You can see how that is going!  Sheri and Susan are on their phones and the kids are gone off somewhere.  Makes for a fast fun game!!!  Eventually everyone came back and we finished the game.

Here is the view out our window today.  Snow almost all gone. 


  1. You had a tear in my eye with that story, I can see how that would make you proud. Great art work, I like that painting.

  2. My husband with a tear in his eye! Now that is something! It was a beautiful story and I'm so happy that Sue got her much deserved Rose. Way to go Karalee, grown up right and proper. :)
    Thank heavens the post wasn't what I thought it was going to be by the title. I thought you were going to sing!!! teehee!
    What a beautiful painting, Sue needs to give us all lessons!

  3. What a special day! It is always a proud moment in a parents life when your kids finally "get it".

  4. What a great story! Sue is an amazing person you are lucky to have her. What a cute painting!

  5. Wow I had tears in my eyes, I can only imagine how Sue must have felt ... and way to go Karalee, that took a lot of maturity to give your mom a rose after all this time. I think your granddaughter is taking after Sue :-)


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