Sunday, 5 May 2019

Pill with a V

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba   

NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

It is nice to be home and part of home is lots of family coming to visit.  We need to get busy cleaning up the Ice Cream shop but it is going to be quite chilly for a couple days so we will just wait it out.  Kaitlyn and Greg, Grace and Max spent the day with us and it gets quite messy having the kids around.  This is one of the times when our Ponderosa is not big enough.  In our house we had a play room, but now the playroom is the living room.

Grace got out here nail polish and she worked on grammas fingers.  She even did Grampas fingers as well.  Good thing it just peels off after it dries.

I also have another story today to share with everyone.  Apparently when we were in Alberta our grandson Donovan was around me when I was taking my pills one day.  For some reason I set them on the counter while I went to get a drink of water to take them with.  Donovan was looking them over because I have some pretty pink ones, and red and white ones and I also have a blue one!  Well Donovan was shocked and when he had a closer look at it, it had a V on it?   Well now he was mortified!!  Grampa taking a Blue pill with a V on it.  Well he never said anything to me but he thought about it until yesterday when he approached his mom, Sheri, about it.  Well now what would my Sheri have to do to find out the truth, and I'm not sure she really felt she wanted to know.  She thought long and hard about how she would ask and finally she texted Sue and kinda pussy footed around the subject!   Well I guess it was time for old grampa to come clean!!   So I dug out the blue pill and sure enough it had a V on it!!  Well I am happy to report that it is actually just a low dose aspirin pill that I have to take every day as part of my heart medication.  Probably would not be a wise decision to take the other blue pill with the shape my heart is in.

Well the kids all stayed for supper and we had a great time gossiping about all kinds of things.  You will notice that the Ponderosa mess just seemed to progress throughout the day.

If you remember when we were at Magnolia Beach, our friends Micheal and Sandra gave us a smoked brisket that Micheal had smoked in his smoker right there beside his motorhome.  We put it in the freezer and today we took it out and warmed it up and had it for supper.  Was it ever good.  Thanks so much Micheal and Sandra and we look forward to meeting up with you again in our travels.

Another great day in the books.  We hope it warms up soon so that we can get going on cleaning up the shack.  This was the view out our window today.


  1. Haha, that's a great story Lorne! We are expected to get highs of 30C this weekend, we will try and blow some your way.

  2. Funny story, I bet they were mortified! That is one you will laugh about when they are older...

  3. Might be a wedding story for gramps to tell when he gets married.

  4. Haha! How do you ask your parents if they take “the blue pill” funny story!

  5. I found this in my truck what is it

  6. This doesnt describe or tell me what the pill is or even does ....

  7. What was on the other side of this blue pill ?


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