Tuesday 11 June 2024

Cleaning a Golf Course

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

One of the chores we need to do is clean the golf course.  Dirt and grime get on the greens and they get quite dirty.  This is not the sort of thing you can just wash off with a hose, but rather you have to get at it with a pressure washer just doing about 1 inch strips.  It takes quite a while to do a golf hole, but it sure makes the green look better.  

Next job will be some painting to make everything bright and shiny.  We have been working with Kenia to get her a visa so she can come to Canada to visit.  The Canadian government has changed the rules so now Mexicans have to apply for a visa and prove on it that they will return to Mexico after their travels.  The visa runs in conjunction with their passports, so because of the cost of the visa, Kenia is also getting a new passport because hers runs out in a year and a half.  So she will get a 10 year passport and a 10 year visa so she will be set for a while.  The process takes a couple months and costs about 13000 peso's for both documents.  That is about $1000 Cnd.  I guess they want to make sure the Mexicans are serious about returning home after their travels.  So we are not sure if Kenia will make it here this year at all.  And she is also working on getting the same thing for Oscar.  The good news is that her business is quite successful, even in the summer months in Mexico.  She is starting to realize that she will have to expand into something bigger and better as she becomes more successful.  Good for her.  We are proud of her accomplishments and we hope she gets a short holiday with us this year.  Thats it for today.  Good Nite!

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