Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Last day of Work finally.

You may notice 2 post with the same date.  That is because I am catching up so that I am posting about the current day.  I don't care what happened yesterday, I am interested in what happened today, so I am going to try to stay current.  It may or may not work.

Tuesday was my last day of work at the crusher.  I had to run the loader feeding the crusher today.  Not my favourite job but it had to be done.  Its a fairly large loader and boy is it rough to operate.  It bounces and bangs you like crazy.  Definitely a young mans job.

Here is what I saw out my window for 12 hours.  Over to the bank and get a bucket full and take it back to the crusher.

Then dump it into the crusher and repeat about 15 times an hour.

But when the shift was over I knew I wouldn't have to do it again for at least 6 months.  I do enjoy working around the crusher and the guys I work for are great so at the end of the day it is all good.

Hopefully all goes well and we can head for the south tomorrow


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