Wednesday, 31 October 2018

On the Road Again

Just like the Willie Nelson song says, today we finally got back on the Road Again!!  Not early but never the less on the road.  Here is our route today.  We will meet P & H in Bloomenort at their daughters house and spend the night there before continuing on.

We got all packed up and finally left our campsite around 11.  Our spot looks really lonely.

Grace was allowed to ride from the Park to town in the Motorhome which is about 3 miles.  I know she wasn't in a car seat but there is no traffic on this road and I drove slow.  We did consult her mom first.  She really loves "The Bus".

The shack and golf course look ready for a long winter.  Everything boarded up and tarped over.

Tonight is Halloween and here are a few pictures of our kids and grandkids who dressed up.

Dani and her friend
Rio and Joey
Silas, Emma, Abby

2 friends and Donovan
Karalee and Sheri
Future Son in Law Gord
Here is the view out our window tonight.  Its the Lights of Steinbach MB.


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