Saturday, 4 May 2019

Houston, The Ponderosa has Landed

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba   
NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

After spending the night in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, we had about a 5 hour drive to make it back to Rivers Provincial Park where we will spend the summer selling Ice Cream.  We spent a little time in Walmart in Moose Jaw getting some supplies, because we depleted our stocks when we were at Sheri's.  Then we were off down the last leg of our journey.

We drove and drove and finally we saw another curve in the road like we did yesterday.  The curve was to the right this time just to make sure I was paying attention!!

I think Charlie could sense that we were getting closer because he spent a lot of time sitting up front watching.

It wasn't long and we were at our daughter Kaitlyns and she and Greg, Max and Grace met us.

Kaitlyn had told Grace to pack her bag and they waited at the end of the driveway but she didn't know it was us coming.  She was all smiles when we drove down the street tooting the horn.  She was pretty surprised to see us!!

We got Grace all loaded up in the Ponderosa and off to the lake we went.  

We pulled up in front of our temporary parking spot in front of the shack.  The park doesn't open for another week so we can not get into our seasonal spot until then.  It is actually handy for us to be right beside the shack while we are cleaning and getting ready to open up.  This will be the last time to unhook the jeep for a few months.  

We got unhooked and we backed into our spot.  It will actually be nice to hang out in one place for the next few months.  We are open from May 10th to September 8th this year.  Of course we are only open on weekends for May which gives us some time to get the place in shape.

Kaitlyn and Greg came down after a while and spent we some time catching up.  

Greg and Kaitlyn headed home and after supper we took Grace for a little walk around the campground.  She loves to wander up and down the roads on her little bike and now she is old enough she can tell us what number every campsite is.

After we wore her out on the walk it was time for bed.  We get her for 3 nights.  She loves her books and Gramma read her a silly book about a donkey.  Then Grampa read her Boy Soup.  I have been reading her that book at bedtime for a couple years now.

This was the view out our window tonight:


  1. Glad you made it to your home. And our weather is clearing up.!!! haha
    Enjoy your summer. Will be looking forward to your blogs.

    1. Thanks again for your hospitality. Hopefully the weather gets better now that we are gone.

  2. What a great way to spent your first three nights back at the campsite!

  3. Great to see you home safe and sound. I do agree, that it is nice to be settled in one place for awhile. It makes for a nice change of pace.

  4. Glad you made it home. Is that the Wonky Donkey book? I really want to get that to read to our grandkids. Enjoy your summer. Hope we make it up there later.

  5. Welcome Home for the summer. Grace will be happy to have you close especially. The park looks nice and you will enjoy being settled in. It is good that the park is only open weekends in May, you'll get a head start. Enjoy!

  6. Glad to read you made it safely to your summer spot.
    Just caught up with what you all have been up to. Love, Love, Love the Rose story in the end I have a feeling that Rose meant way more to Sue then the graduation one would have. How beautiful.
    Sounds like a wonderful visit.
    What a great way to describe the long flat road...could watch your dog run away for 3
    Always love those first hugs especially when they are surprised to see you.

  7. How fun to surprise Grace. Happy you made it safely!


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