Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Summer is Starting

We are slowly getting CJ's ready for full production.  The new stainless steel backsplash is now installed.  This should impress the health inspector.  She loves stainless steel stuff!!  The trick now is to keep it all shiny like it is now.

And then we put the new backsplash to work.  Lots of dishes to wash and stuff to store on shelves.

Grace is even helping out with the medial tasks.  Sue got her to help with a little painting project.  She loves to help out Grams.

She does get rewarded for all her hard work.  Grams is always cooking up something to try out and we are all the taste testers.  Burp!!!!

One of the new menu items that Sue has been wanting to add for a couple years is deep fried Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches.  I call them Sinful!!!  They are sooo darn good that they just can not be good for you, but who cares??  She does deep fried Oreo's as well!!!

Before Jim and Marilyn left we went over there for a bonfire.  Pat and Harold came as well and we almost froze!!  Good thing that Jim makes a great fire!!

We had to get ready for the long weekend. If the weather is right, this can be one of our busiest weekends.  We set our weekend hours to be open from 11 am to 9 pm.

Sue did up some neat little menu's.  She is experimenting with different lettering on these.  Stay tuned because she says she will have something even better next week.

Laura at the Recreation Commission made up some really nice posters to promote the kayak and pedal boat programs.  They look quite nice.  She included them in her news letter this month.

We had a visit from a friend of ours from town.  Thanks for coming down to visit Brenda!!

The road down to the shack is starting to green up.  This is such a pretty park when it is in full foliage.

The campers started to line up at the park office Friday afternoon.  Kathy who checks in all the campers told me that the park is full for the weekend.

One of my pet peeves is the amount of wood people feel they need to burn in a couple days just because it is supplied free of charge.  This guy unloaded an entire pickup truck load and only stayed for 2 days. 

We are all ready to go, now bring on the people.

And they came!! We had an excellent weekend except for Saturday which was cold and windy.

We have a little bonfire pit and people love to sit around it and eat ice cream, even when it is cold.

John and Val, who we spent a good deal of our winter with in Florida, stopped by to spend some time with us.  As usual we don't get to spend a lot of time with our friends because we have to keep serving customers at the same time.  It was good to see them before they head back home to Ontario.
Harold was their gracious host while they were here and showed them all around the country.  They even had their first visit to a Hutterite Colony.  Jack gave them the Royal tour and sent them home with a delicious Saskatoon pie which they shared with all of us.  We supplied the ice cream for the top of it.

Val, Harold, Brenda, and Joh
Our friends Dick and Jean from Pipestone stopped by one evening to say hi.  They will be camping down here for a while in a month or so.  They are great people and we love their grandson Dawson when he comes to spend time camping with them.

Here are a couple of items that Sue like to sell.  This is Sues famous Funnel Cake Sundae.  A funnel cake with ice cream and drizzled with either Caramel, Strawberry, or Chocolate sauce, or a little of each.   Truly sinful.

Our daughters mother in law Elaine, makes the most delicious home made cookies and her and Sue are trying to make the ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich!!  What do you think??

One of the things we enjoy here is the peace and quiet after the weekend rush.  The campground empties out and we are left with tranquility.  Charlie and I took a walk by the lake this morning.  This is the beach we use for our kayak rental spot.

After the quiet walk it was time for my spring Dr. visit.  Seems like everything is in order, but my Dr always likes to explore different things every year.  This year is no different and he is sending me to a specialist to get some things checked out.  He says you can never be too sure when you start getting older and I tend to agree.   Just that now I have to sit and wait for the specialist to call with an appointment date.  Sometimes they can be a long wait so I hope they get me in soon!!

Not much action in the Clinic
We got a great visit with a bunch of the grand kids this week.  Nicole and the kids came for an afternoon, and Kaitlyn and Greg and their kids came too.  So we had grand kids Abby, Silas, Emma, Grace and Max here to entertain us.  They sure have fun at the lake.

Max and Emma

Abby, Silas and Grace



But I want more Ice Cream!!!

And Gramps got to go for a little walk with Grace and Silas.  

Those two get along so well. They fight lots because they both have strong wills, but they have a magic way of dealing with it and they walk away hand in hand 

Grace and Silas

Earlier in the week my niece Michelle and her husband Rick stopped by with some Dandelion Jelly for me to try.  It is quite a unique thing, but in all reality it tastes very much like apple jelly.

It is really good with some good old white bread and butter.  Yum Yum..

Everything has gone quite well this week and even Charlie had a little success.  He spends all day tracking gophers and with his arthritis he has trouble catching them.  He used to dig them out one after another, but he can't do that any more.  He has to ambush them now.  Well he was successful against this one and brought it to us to show it off.  The park is infested with them right now so it is actually a good thing for him to thin them out.  He has no interest in eating them, just showing them off.

Thats about it for this week.  This picture shows the front of the Ponderosa with a solar light mounted there that gives off a star shaped light at night. Kinda neat!!!

Here is the view out our window today.  You will notice a few more leaves have sprouted than were on the trees last week.  Still a long way to go.


  1. A nice catchup and you having fun serving up all that yummy food. As well as visiting.

  2. What a great catchup! I love the pictures of Grace painting AND eating her reward. She's a sweetheart. The pictures also of the other children, that Abby is a real fashionista with the pretty hair colour.
    So much good looking sinful food!! My oh my! Sue is making a name for herself and your customers will love her treats. Nice that you get to sample things first. :)
    Nice that you had a good start up long weekend and a busy summer ahead, I'm sure.

  3. Looks like a great long weekend filled with friends, guests and lots of great food….An awesome start to the summer!

  4. Nice start to Summer (wish the temperatures would co-operate) for you. Visiting with Family and Friends along with chores has been keeping you busy.
    CJ's will definitely be an attraction to park visitors.
    Be Safe and Enjoy all that life has to offer.

    It's about time.

  5. Wow that food looks good, and the prices are great ... I wish we lived closer!

  6. You sure have been busy! Sounds like a fun job..

  7. Your comment about dandelion jelly got me curious enough that I had to make a batch. Sort of tastes like sunshine on toast!

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone!! Hopefully weekly posts will work for me this summer.

  9. Okay now, my vote goes for cookies and ice cream sandwiches, those look yummy! And what a beautiful place you have settled in, I'm assuming you're there for the summer? Shows how much I know about what's going on. So how far are you two from Michigan anyway?


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