Friday, 31 May 2019

We are Getting the Hang of Things

Well we have been home for a month now.  Its been a busy month getting everything in order.  One of the things we noticed last summer was that with increased customer traffic, we need to keep more supplies on hand.  Everything from non perishable food to all of the cups and paper trays and napkins and lots of stuff.  We like to stock lots of ice cream and so we have a couple extra freezers for that. Our little shack was not made to hold a lot of supplies and the shed we moved in a year ago is full to the brim because it is my fixit shack as well.  I can't even get in the door anymore.  So it was time to add on to the back of the shack.  A lean to 8 ft wide by 30 ft long will help us out a lot.  Here is what it looked like out back last week.

We hired a local contractor, Larry Nolan to do the work for us.  He does a lot of projects around town and I talked to him one afternoon and he started the next morning.  He knew we needed it fast.  All our materials are coming from Home Hardware Building Center right in Rivers and they deliver.  Big help.  Here is some of the progress.   Still more to go next week.

We also invested in a porta potty for out back so that we don't have to run way back to the motorhome every time nature calls!!  It was cheaper to buy one than to rent one.  It is not for customer use so we will have to get a lock for it.

The golf course is starting to look nice with the addition of some flowers and the perennials are growing fast and should soon flower.

  Another exciting thing we are doing to the golf course is to give businesses an opportunity to rebuild a golf hole and use it to advertise their business and what they do.  In return they get 5 free years of advertising that hole and after that it will revert back to $100 dollars a year cost.   We are getting lots of interest and the first business to start was Canada Malting Co. Ltd.  They refinished the elevator that was there and added a nice malt barley bag full of flowers.  They are not finished yet and it will be exciting to see what else they are going to do.

We are not all business here and we still have time for the grandkids.  Gramma likes to get out the kiddy pool and a bunch of toys for the wee ones.

Grace gets to spend lots of time with us and sometimes I get to babysit a little bit.  When I do, sometimes there are some Shenanigans happening.  Notice the big Swan Dive that is about to take place.  Could she hurt herself?  Certainly, but the fun factor really out weighs the risk, until Gramma sees her and shuts us down.  I didn't see anything that dangerous do you??

Charlie's paws are really giving out fast so he now walks more on his ankles than on his paws.  Because of that the gravel and stones hurt his legs a lot so I had to come up with a method of making some protection for him.  I wrap his foot in a tensor bandage up past where he walks on it and then pull a kids sock over it to keep everything in place.  He loves it and it sure makes him walk better.  He even runs sometimes now, so I guess socks will be his new normal.

Oops lost one

I had to get the old orange boat up and running so I got Corey Sedgwick to fix it and give it a tune up.  I need it to start anytime I want because we are using it for a rescue boat in case anyone who rents a kayak gets in trouble and needs help.   I went and picked it up and took it for a spin before parking it on the beach where we normally launch the rentals.

Just after I parked it, there was a little bunch of white pelicans floated by.  Nice to see that they are back again to nest.  We had about 30 here last summer.

We have had some really warm weather here for a while now.  It took long enough to come but it sure felt good when it got here.  Tomorrow is a little cooler but then it will be nice again.  I checked the Saskatoon blossoms and it looks like they escaped any frost this year, so as long as it rains, there should be a good crop of berries to pick.  We like to make a syrup and pour it over our ice cream as a sundae topping.

We are having lots of fun visiting with friends and sitting around some bonfires.  It will soon be too busy to spend much time doing that so we do it while we can.

And I have to show you some more of the things Sue cooks up.  This is her new menu on a light up board that she saw at FN Taco in Magnolia Beach.  Thanks Shannon for showing us where we can get one.  

Here is a funnel cake and you get a choice of Chocolate, Caramel, or Strawberry topping.  This one was all three toppings.  Mmmmmm  Notice the 4 spoons. 

Now for a couple of observations.  For all our American friends and especially in the South where you can pick up a couple good size T Bone steaks for less than $10, have a look at the price on this Sirloin steak!!  I couldn't bear to buy them and settled for a round steak for a lot less!!

Good thing I took the cheap steak because I fired up the BBQ tonight and grilled a steak.  As you know Sue likes her steak Well Well done so I got mine done and about that time a bunch of customers came.  I kinda forgot about it and one of our customers about an hour later asked me if I realized the BBQ was going!!.  Well I guess an hour is too much for cooking a steak, even well, well done.  I would have jumped off a bridge if that had of been the $70.00 steaks!!!

And when I got out of the car today in town by the Nail Shop I saw this sign.  Well I first read it wrong I guess because I thought it was some sort of an anti breast cancer statement!!  I guess what your eyes see first is not always what it is.

I didn't know that it was a necessity to have two of them to do nails.  I almost went in just to make sure it was not false advertising.  LOL

In other news not related to the previous picture,  our daughter Sheri-lyn is at a conference in Orlando all about Ketones.  You can check her out on her Facebook site under Sheri-Lyn Green and she will introduce you to this healthy living lifestyle.

Sheri on the right.
And our other daughter Kaitlyn got an awesome new hair cut. When she was younger she had it this way and I love it.  So easy to take care of for a busy mom.

Here is the view out our window again!  The leaves are filling in and the colours are starting to be real brilliant green.



  1. Nice addition to your little shack. Great to keep busy, just not too busy. Take care.

    1. We tend to work a little hard at this but we really enjoy it. We have made so many good friends over an ice cream.

  2. Nice first month! I love Charlie's socks. Clemson would walk very funny and chew to get them off. Love that he likes them. :)
    Wait a minute!! Where is "Lorne's Lasagna"? Don't see it on the menu.

    1. Your right! I didn't get a spot on the menu!! What the heck!!

  3. Wow, that is quite the addition! I bet all that extra room will be appreciated. Great idea on the sponsoring of the mini golf holes, I bet you will get a lot of interest, it would be a great team building event.

    1. We hope to get some interesting work on the golf course.

  4. Nice see your updates , the lean too looks good, and great that you still have a bit of time to have some fun as well.

    1. Fun is one of the things that we make sure we have some of.

  5. The new addition looks great, I'm sure it will give you a lot more space. I love Charlie's socks, and had a good laugh at Sue's steak :-) The place, and menu, is looking great!

    1. I was thinking after the post that showing that steak when we are trying to promote our good food was not the best comparison. I guess maybe it shows that Sue is a much better cook than I am.


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