Wednesday, 15 May 2019

We are Open!!

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

This post will be the start of a new schedule for posting blogs.  Last summer I didn't blog at all but I have decided that this year I will try to do one a week and just touch on some of the highlights.  So this post covers from last Wednesday to Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Our first day of business at CJ's was on Friday May 10th. We had a busy few days getting all the ice cream and supplies in place.  We have to watch the weather as well because that will affect how many people come.  This weekend there were 3 campsites reserved and one walk in came, so a total of 4.  A lot of our business comes from town as well and every time the sun poked out, more people came.  The temperatures were between 9C and 12C most of the weekend so everyone still needed a jacket.  The spot that CJ's is in has lots of tree protection, so even if it is windy, it can be quite pleasant at our picnic tables.  We love seeing all of our friends and of course new people as well.  Here is our real estate agent who helped us sell our house which resulted in us full timing, and she is also responsible for selling us CJ's which we has kept us busy for the last 3 years selling ice cream.  Lynne Miller and her family consisting of husband Mike, and daughters Laney and Libby  have become great friends of ours.  They like to come down on Sundays and have supper at CJ's.  Sorry bout the picture which only shows half of Mike and none of Libby!!!  But it does show the food!!

Pat and Harold joined us for some fun as well.  Harold is the official fire tender at CJ's and he and I are also the Ice Cream taste testers.  We believe that ice cream is a keto alternative.

Charlie has settled right in and has taken up a spot under a picnic table out of the sun.  He has tried to dig out a few gophers but his paws are now so sore that he can hardly walk.  I hope he will realize soon that digging is not possible anymore with his arthritis.  But those gophers just keep taunting him!!

We are happy to have our flag flying again and we are also happy to have little people around to sit under it.  Grace posed for me while she was waiting for a friend to join her.

Life is slowing coming back in the golf course.  Lots of green shoots popping up and even some neat red things blooming.  It won't be long and the course will be full of flowers and green grass.  We do need some rain to get things going.

Kaitlyn and Greg have been a big help around here this week.  They have their hands full with looking after Max as well.  He is a little sweetie!!

Last post I mentioned about shorting out my electrical tester.  Well I went to the store and found a very simple one to replace it with.  Hard to go wrong with this one because it has no knobs or dials to fiddle with.

Because the Mini Golf is about 30 years old and has not had a great deal of maintenance other than a paint brush, it is time to start doing some major overhauls.  One of the things we are promoting right now is for businesses in the area to rebuild a hole and do it however they want to.  In exchange they can use the hole to advertise their business for 5 years with no charge from us.  We will do the daily maintenance on the hole such as cleaning and minor touch ups for the 5 year period, and after that there will be a $100 dollar a year fee if they wish to keep the hole in their name.  We have had a lot of good feedback to the idea and 1 company has already started the rebuild of Hole 17.  We will show you the finished product a little later.   But in the meantime a couple of the holes are getting soggy and dangerous so I am going to do a little fix on them.  Here is the mess after I tore the top off of Hole 15.  Lots of shoddy fixing has happened in the past!!

While out working on the course I happened to pick up a little friend.  Its a wood tick!!  Wood ticks are one of the things we in Manitoba have grown up with and we really don't mind them that much.  I don't really feel them crawling around until they come out in the open.  Most of the time we pick them off at shower or bed time.  Not a big deal.  Here is the little fellow I found today!!

We have been enjoying the company of our friends Jim and Marilyn for the past 5 days.  They have been parked a couple spots down and Charlie has been basically living at their place.  We are now parked in our summer campsite which is just down the road from CJ's.  We don't really spend a lot of time at the Ponderosa in the summer so we don't do up our site that nice.  It is just a place to spend the night. 

They make sure that the treat jar is full when they arrive and empty when they leave.  He gets spoiled to death.  We like when they come early in the season like this because we get time to visit with them.  They left today but will be back after the long weekend.

Well that is pretty much a summary of what we have been up to for the last week.  Things will get busier with the long weekend approaching.  Apparently the campground is fully booked for the 4 days so we should be busy.  Wednesday seems to be a good day for me to sit down and blog so I will try to do one every Wednesday over the summer.  Hope everyone has a great summer!!!  

Here is the view out our window.  We are in our summer site and the leaves are just starting to come on the trees.  I will try to do the same view for a few weeks to show the differences in the foliage.


  1. Glad you did the Update and we are looking forward to more.
    Looks like you have some Happy Customers at CJ's.
    Soon everything will be green and Kids will be out of School.
    Be Safe killing those Ticks and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You will be keeping yourself busy over the summer, thanks for the updates.

  3. Looks like you are in for a busy summer! Thanks for continuing your blogging, it is interesting to see what other people are up to even if they aren't traveling.

  4. I'm happy that you will blog over the summer, even weekly will be nice. I missed it last year. I'm sure I'm the only one who though CJ's was all about ice cream and only ice cream. So, do you cook or Sue or both of you? You will have a busy weekend, I'm sure, and summer also.
    Enjoy! You have a nice spot both at CJ's and Ponderosa's site. Not only nice to see your friends come to visit but I'm glad to see Charlie in your pictures too. He is a key part of your life. :)

    1. Yes we are a lot more than Ice Cream! Sue does most of the cooking, but I fill in lots when she is busy prepping or if she is away getting supplies. I don't mind cooking but I am a little more of a country style cook. I like lots of fried onions and I toast the burger buns!! I am more of an ice cream scooper and PR guy I guess. Charlie loves getting all of the bottoms of the ice cream cones. He is kinda the park mascot!!!

  5. The food at CJ's sure looks good! I like the idea of the same picture from the Ponderosa so that we can see the changes. I think I will do that next year on my blog.

  6. Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you two.Your food looks great. By the way I love your sign how special.
    What a great idea for the mini golf course...sounds like a win, win for everyone.
    Wood ticks are in our neck of the woods, also. I have never ever enjoyed finding one anywhere especially crawling on me. You have a lot better attitude then I ever have had about that little bug...:)

  7. I guess after hearing how the southerners have to put up with snakes and Alligators and big spiders and scorpions. I am happy to pick off a couple wee ticks thank you!!!


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