Friday 2 June 2023

A Visit with Karalee

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

We had an awesome surprise today when our youngest daughter Karalee showed up to spend some time with us.   We don't get to see her often because she lives 5 hours away.  She is going to a shower for her best school friend Molly who is getting married soon.  She is helping old dad with his chores at Cj's which is really appreciated.  We got her to stop in Brandon on her way here to pick up some potatoes.  She jammed 20 bags in her back seat!!!  

Then we went on a wood run just like old times.

I managed to get Hole #2 on the golf course fixed temporarily.  We put the windmill there for now and next week we hope to have a neat obstacle ready for it.

Because we are at a lake, one of the things we sell is bait. We have shiners, which are frozen minnows, and worms, but this year leeches have been next to impossible to get.  Leeches are the bait of choice for catching Pickeral on our lake, so everyone wants them.  Today my supplier came up with 10 dozen for me.  Within an hour we were sold out and he had to bring me 20 dozen more.  I'm sure they will be gone in no time.  Thanks Richard.

It is that time of the week again where we start promoting "Music in the Park".  There are lots of campers scheduled this weekend and we have a number of musicians interested in performing.  It will be a fun time.

This Facebook post kinda caught my attention.  These are now garbage plastic signs that were used in the recent Alberta elections.  There is a saying that goes, "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander".   Perhaps if your gonna promote climate change and carbon footprints you as a political leader should walk the walk rather than talk the talk.  End of Rant!!  Good Night!


  1. Hey as a golfer I gotta say your fairway is in ruff shape. Just sayin!!!! Lol.

  2. How nice to have a surprise daughter visit!

  3. How nice to have your daughter visit and we got to meet her. Your carbon footprint comment...yes...preach!


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