Thursday, 1 June 2023

It was a Lesson in What is Important in Life!

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Not much of a picture day today.  Jim and Marlyn left at about 8 am and poor old Archie sulked at the end of the road for the longest time.  He has really taken them on as his people when they are here.  They will be back in a few days I'm sure.

We dropped Dani off at Brandon Airport because she is flying to Edmonton to visit her dad for a few days.  Once again no pictures.  Dani did send me one of her in Calgary having a Staryucks while she was waiting for her next flight.

After we dropped her off, we continued on to Virden to take in a baseball game.  Our grand daughter Emma is playing and it is always fun to watch the little ones.  She tried very hard to hit the ball but there were dandelions to deal with.  The kind that you blow and they float away!!!  When she was in the field she would sit down and pick dandelions.  A ball went near her and her mom yelled, "go get the ball".  She said no because she was told to stay in this spot and if she moved she might forget where her spot was.  So there.  She is so adorable.

The game, or if they won or lost or caught the ball or hit the ball or anything didn't really matter in the big scope of things.  But when Ice Cream was mentioned, there was a special interest sparked real fast.  It was good ice cream to end the day.  Today was about the grandkids as it should be.   Good night!!!

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