Tuesday, 30 May 2023

A Good Heart Checkup

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

I had an 8:45 am appointment with my cardiologist in Brandon this morning.  Due to a screw up with my phone and their dialing, I never got a message informing me that the Dr. had been called for an emergency surgery this morning.  

So when I got there, the receptionist apologized and told me he would be about an hour late. She did my EKG and sent me on my way with a promise to return in 45 minutes.  That's good because I was hungry so I went up the street to the Comfort Kitchen for poached eggs on toast.  Mmmmm ever good.

The Drs. office is in the downtown shoppers mall which has been empty of shoppers for years.  It now houses a few businesses and an art gallery and the local paper.  It is such a shame that this awesome place is not flourishing but the day of downtown shopping is over.

I did get in to see Dr. Bushidi at about 11 am and we had a short exchange of information and he looked at my blood work and said carry on!!  Since he changed my meds, I am like a new person.  My energy, although not through the roof, is adequate for an old man.  I am not all pooped at the end of the day like I was this winter.  And no more shortness of breath which is kinda nice.

From there I had to go and pick up some supplies from Superstore.

Both our Cj's and Sheri's Cj's use a lot of potatoes for our french frys.  I picked up 400 pounds today and we will be looking for more early next week, and we are not even busy yet!!!  We will probably go through 600+ pounds a week when we get busy.  Our wholesale supplier who delivers to our door has potatoes on for like 45 bucks for 50 lbs.  However I can get them at Superstore for 28 bucks for 50 lbs so if I get 400 lbs that is a saving of about 150 bucks.  Makes the trip to Brandon worthwhile and we can do other things while we are here, like Dr appointments and breakfast.

Well the rest of the day was quite normal so that is all I have to report!!!  Good Nite!!!


  1. Well, I can't get past the anonymous thing, but this is Judith. I am very glad to hear you cardio appt went well. Just thinking about frying 400 lbs of potatoes makes me want to take to my bed. Whew.

  2. Congrats on the good checkup. 'Carry on!'
    That's a lot of potatoes!
    I love your finishing poster.

  3. Congratulations on the good health report. That is a lot of potatoes.


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