Monday 29 May 2023

Another Ball Game

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

What better way to start a day than with a Wheat City Brand coffee and an Ice Cap.  We have Forbidden Flavours Coffee and Ice Caps and Blue Raspberry Slushies this year at Cj's.  We are going to put a push on attracting people to join us on the deck for coffee each morning at 9 am. We might even put a toaster out on the deck for a quick breakfast snack.  In the meantime it is just me and whoever happens to be up at attum at 8:30 right now.

Our friends Jim and Marlyn are camped right up the hill from us in Site 1 and today they had to go to Brandon for some appointments.  Archie insisted on being at their campsite almost all morning until they came home.  The first time I walked up there to check on him, he was just laying under their picnic table waiting patiently for them to return.

See him under there!

I went up again a little later and he was stretched out under their camper still waiting for them.   He has really taken to them.

Once they got home and had gave him his treats he headed back home, but not before he did some damage to a gopher hole somewhere.  I will have to grab my shovel and go fill in his holes before the parks people get annoyed with me.  He sure did get dirty in the process.

I took a picture of mama bird (Eastern Phoebe) sitting on her nest.  The nest is right above our order window at Cj's but I don't want to move it.  These birds don't poop all over the place like swallows, but rather they carry the young ones poop away from the nest and drop it so there is no mess under the nest.  Kinda nice of them!!!

Another ball game to go to tonight, and yes we lost.  It was a good game though.

When I got home I saw that some of our flowers for the golf course had been delivered by Kendra and Travis who own Walkers Greenhouse just outside of Rivers. The plants look very nice this year and we will have to get the water system set up on the golf course.

After we closed at 9, Sue and I went up to Jim and Marlyns for a bonfire.  We roasted a couple hot dogs, but mostly we sat by the fire and chatted.  A great way to end and evening.  I did catch what we normally see of a sunset because we are down a bit of a hill.  It was quite pretty.  Good Nite!!

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  1. Archie is so cute!!
    Also it's kind of neat that the birds do that! Never heard of it.


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