Thursday 25 May 2023

The Things I do in a Day

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

This morning when we woke up we heard a vehicle by the shack.  Kevin Jay showed up with our other paddle boat this morning.  Apparently they were on top of some dance floor panels he needs for a wedding in one of the municipalities storage sheds.  Thanks for returning them Kevin.  I'm sure there is some free ice cream somewhere waiting for you and Barbi!!!

Sue headed off to Brandon for some things and I stayed back to do some things that need to be done.  I am in charge of getting the 5 kayaks out of storage today.  They are in a different storage than the paddle boats were.  We keep them in a boxcar owned by the municipality at millennium park.

My last trip to town and I picked up a couple of garbage cans for outside the shack.  One thing we do is generate lots of garbage!!

Archie had to give up his seat on the way home.

Next job was fixing a leaky sink.  We have a triple sink with old faucets that leak and an old arbourite counter top which is getting soggy.  Water is leaking down the back of the counter and dripping on the floor in a few spots.  We are in the search right now for a used triple sink stainless steel unit but they are hard to find.  So I will patch up this one to get us to a new one.  I drilled a couple holes on each side of the faucet that leaks so the water can be directed down a pipe and into an ice cream bucket.  Crude but it works.  Just have to empty the bucket a couple times a day.  What....Me a Redneck!!!! Never!!!! lol

See the 2 holes with pipes in them!

They drain into a bucket

Next job was to plumb a outside faucet close to the boat rack so we can hose down the boats after each rental.  They get lots of sand in them from people getting in and out.  Its so easy to do with pex pipe.

About 5 pm my golf course grass cutter guy showed up and we did some work on the course.  We want to have it open this weekend if the weather will cooperate a little bit.  First job was to trim a bunch of trees and haul the branches away.

Then out came the mower to catch up on the grass, followed by the weed whacker, and then the blower.

While Terran was doing all that I took a drive up to the woodpile and put a tarp over some of it so I have dry wood for the weekend if it rains.  

Then I installed the new tarp that Sue bought me in Brandon.  I screwed the front end down to the truck so it won't blow away.  Its always good to keep the wood in the truck dry too.

We must have some baby Canada Geese around because Dani found part of a goose egg in the weeds by the water.  Hopefully it wasn't a fox of coyote that found the nest!!

One of the things we do is watch the weather to see what the weekends will be like.  The weather affects how much food we need to prepare because we are not a dine in restaurant.  Well lately it is almost impossible to make any kind of reasonable decision because the weather changes almost hourly.   However this forecast looks pretty grim.  We only have about 16 weekends to make ends meet and loosing one is not what we want.  As well we want to make sure "Music in the Park" happens.  Oh well there is nothing we can do so I'm going to have a good sleep and see what tomorrow brings.  Good Nite!!!

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  1. That's a busy day for sure. Makes mine look a little wimpy! Haha. Good luck with the weather, warming up here too but less rain, finally.


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