Wednesday, 7 June 2023

The Making of a Mountain

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

We had a good rain last night.  We could use lots more but with this heat we don't want the hail.  8 tenths of an inch!!!

Sheri and Lilly the dog, joined me on the deck this morning for coffee.  We solved all of the worlds problems in about a half hour.  I think Archie was a bit bored.

Well today we are going to try a new thing on the golf course.  Cristian came about 8 am to set up to build a mountain for a golf challenge.  He owns a company called Foam Tech here in Rivers and he said that he would love to build an obstacle for one of the holes on the golf course.  He got busy getting everything together for building it.  A couple barrels to take up space and some plywood and 2 x 6 for a ramp.  

Then he fired up his foam machine and started building.  He has a good sized unit with a diesel engine.  

I didn't get an pictures of the process because I had to go to town to cut grass at all the Manitoba Housing facilities. 

When I got back he was pretty much finished.  It looks pretty good but needs a bit of tweeking to get the ball to go where it is supposed to go.  We will do that another day.  So far, so good.  We will paint it up to look like a volcano!!!  Instead of carpet on the fairway part it now has the same thing as they use for box liners in trucks.  It will last forever I'm sure.

Last night our secretary Samantha for the Friends of Rivers Lake, delivered a new sign to me to put up here at the Provincial Park.  The sign shows all the walking and biking trails that are around here.  We have a real nice scenic trail system.  I took it up to the Parks maintenance shop so they can mount it in the appropriate spot. 

After supper we got a tornado and thunderstorm warning on our phones.  Because we are down low, we can't really see storms approaching so I went up top to see what was in store.  It was pretty nasty looking.

It got to raining real good so I headed down to the shack.  It was obvious that there was lots of wind but nothing to indicate a tornado.  

It did hail a bit but not a whole lot.  Some of the hail was golf ball size but most was smaller.  We found out later that town got hit with hail pretty bad and our daughters car has some good pock marks.  What hail we got sure was loud on our tin roof!!

a couple hail stones.

That was our day again.  The shack was open from 4 to 9 but the last couple hours were rained out.  I'm off for some sleep.  Good Nite!!


  1. That's a cool looking mountain/volcano. I remember a charity mini golf event at our work years ago. Our group created one with an old toilet in the warehouse.
    It was awesome!

  2. Golf size hail? No thank you. I wonder if the balls will roll faster now. I love mini golf!


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