Thursday, 6 April 2017

Beautiful Lake in the Mountains

I have been having a terrible time getting internet that is strong enough to do a post so I am sadly behind. If you are interested I am posting the last 4 days today.  We have had some interesting travels and it may be worth the read.

We are trying to watch the weather and be in the best spot possible for the ugly weather that is going to plague us for the next couple days.   Starting on Friday the winds will increase and the rain may start on Saturday.  Now we are not against driving in the rain but as we go farther north there is a possibility it will turn to snow and I hate snow.  So we will head up to around Salt Lake City and see what happens from there.

As we head north the landscape changes again to one of less desert and more sage brush and pine.  We are still following the mountains along and go up and down through some passes.  Our route kept us at between 4 and 7 thousand feet all day.

We came across a development out in the middle of nowhere that involved old train cars.  We didn’t stop but the sign said it was going to be a restaurant and motel I think.  Back in home in Rivers there has been a movement to make a motel from passenger train cars for quite some time. 

We followed highway 89 again today and stayed away from that freeway traffic on I-15.  We were on it for a bit and the speed limit sign said 80 mph.  Further down the road there was a state trooper sitting with his radar.   I can hardly believe that anyone would find the need to go over 80 mph.  So that is why we are on the slow scenic highway as much as possible.

We do have to slow down for a lot of little towns along the way but that is part of the trip.  Some have nice downtowns and some have pretty churches.

We went through one town where there was a huge tabernacle built on a hill outside of town.  I think it was like a seminary where Mormon ministers go to train but not sure.  I think it was in the town of Manti UT.

The countryside in the rural areas is gorgeous with the snow capped mountains in the background.

The temperature down where we were traveling was a balmy 26C.  Thats in the 80's F I think.

As we got closer to our parking spot the country got more rugged and the highway got narrower.  It turned into an interesting drive through a mountain pass with an average speed of 25 mph and down to 10 sometimes.

We got to our spot in time to spend some time relaxing outside and enjoying the beautiful scenery by the lake.  There is only one other person camped in this whole area so it is quite peaceful.

Tonight we are camped on the beach at Lake Utah, which is a few mile south of Saratoga Springs near Salt Lake City UT at 40.2095567N -111.8748093W and this is the view looking from our window.


  1. We used to enjoy eating in an old caboose that was made into a dining car. Very unique!!
    Love those roads that take you through America!! So much better than interstates. Love that tabernacle in a hill....gorgeous!!

  2. It is a gorgeous view! Wow! I love the old train cars and the ideas of turning them into stores, restaurants and motels. I will share this with my sister, she works for a museum in Owen Sound where they have resurrected an old train car. Safe journey!

  3. Wonderful scenery! Hope your trip continues to inspire you.
    Windsor had a restaurant that used a Boxcar. It was Picketed because it reflected what took place during the Holocaust. It was forced to close.
    Maybe in the southern states it could become more popular.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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