Monday, 17 April 2017

Grandpa is getting OLD!!

Today started out as any Grandpa would like it to start on his Birthday, with breakfast in bed.  Dani and Donovan prepared a nice breakfast of toast and eggs and even a tart along with coffee and delivered it to the Ponderosa.  During the course of the day all of my kids and grandkids wished me Happy Birthday so that made my day.  I am now old enough to get a Geezer pass in the USA but because I am Canadian, they won't give me one.   Perhaps I should call Donald and see if he can get that fixed for me.

Didn't have my make up on yet!!!
Enough about birthdays, it was a much nicer day today and the sun was shining.  The temperatures were predicted in the low teens and there was very little wind.  Because it is Easter Monday, the kids have no school today so we decided to go for a walk after breakfast.  Donovan suggested a trail by his school around Cranna Lake.  We parked at his school and headed down the trail.

Donovans' Junior High School
Lacombe has a lot of nice parks and some really good trails around the lakes here.  There are a half dozen lakes within walking distance of town and they have paved trails around a couple of them.  A map at the trail head gets you going in the right direction.  Our trail will be 1.8 kilometers long so more of a scenic walk than a hike.

We are going to walk all the way around this lake.
Everyone enjoyed the sun including Charlie, but the breeze off the lake was cool at times.  This would be such a nice walk when all the leaves were on the trees.

Charlie always sniffs something out
We ran into Gertrude the goose here as well.  Remember the geese we saw in Utah that laughed at us, well it looks like they came here to spend a few days.  I wonder if they are heading east to Manitoba after it warms up.

Kids were not made to stay on trails so every time we looked around they were either in a puddle, running down some muddy trail, or balancing on a log in a marsh.  They have such fun.

The town has really put some thought into this trail because it has 4 or 5 spots where you can stop and use a piece of workout equipment.  That way you can do more than just walk.  What a great idea.  This one was called the surfboard and i guess would challenge your hips and mid section.  Of course the kids thought it was a great swing.

There was lots of benches on the trail as well as picnic tables to stop and have a snack.  Good job to the City of Lacombe on designing the trail around Cranna Lake.  We enjoyed it.  Oh there's Gertrude the goose again.

Had to take a picture of the crow owning the Natural Habitat sign.  He was challenging Charlie and saying, "I am allowed to be here!"

After supper we took Dani to Gymnastics class.   It is fun to watch her on all the equipment and she seems to like doing hand stands the best.  There were also some bigger kids there who gave us some insight as to what you can do if you practice lots.  Thanks for inviting us Dani.

Tonight we are Street Docking outside our daughters house in Lacombe Alberta, and because we will not be moving for a while I will not bore you with pictures from our window until our view changes.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Lorne! Looks like you had a great one.

    Nice to be able to spend time with the family and it looks like you're having a great visit.


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