Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hockey Award for Donovan

We didn't have a lot of miles to go today so we were a little late getting on the road.  Charlie is worse today than yesterday and is hobbling around on three legs and showing a lot of pain.  Sue phoned a vet in Lacombe and they will take some x-rays at 3:30 this afternoon to see what the problem is, so that is our schedule to stick to.  I figure we will be there by 2:30.

As we were going through Lethbridge Alberta, I spotted the old water tower that has been converted into a Restaurant called the Cut & Char Chophouse and Rogue Restaurant. The restaurant was opened in 2004 and was an iconic business until it closed in late January of this year.  It is reported that it will rebrand and reopen under new management at some point.

We have travelled some 10000 miles in the USA this winter and have stopped at many roadside rest areas all over the country.  Some are very elaborate with on site camping and visitor centers and bathrooms with granite counters and shiny fixtures, while others supplied the basic needs of a weary traveler.  All have been greatly appreciated by us when we are traveling.  Now that we are back in Canada, we realize that the government does not really cater to the traveling public and only supply the basics needed to get a couple vehicles almost off the road so they can dump their garbage.  Different priorities I guess.

It wasn't long before we were in Calgary.  I didn't get any pictures of how busy it was because Susan was having a nap to get rid of her headache and I had both hands on the steering wheel.

We got to Lacombe in time for the vet appointment with Charlie but much to our dismay their x-ray machine was down and wouldn't be fixed until tomorrow.  They gave Charlie some pain meds and sent us home for the night with an 8:30 appointment tomorrow.  He is still in a lot of pain it seems.

The reason we came back to Canada earlier than we originally thought was because our Grandson Donovan was to receive an award for his efforts in hockey this season.  He has improved so much in the last couple of years and deserves some recognition for his hard work.  He won the award for the most Dedicated player on his team.  He is certainly a team player and tries his very best all the time.  We were really proud to be there to share this occasion with him and his mom Sheri-Lyn and his sister Dani.

After the awards it was back to the house to spend the evening with them watching TV and just horsing around.  It is nice to have the room to do that in their house, because it is freezing cold outside.

Looks like a tense movie was on.
We called the town and they said we are allowed to park the Ponderosa on the street for 72 hours so that is a good thing.  The best part of it is that the girl at the town told us that as long as we move it a foot or two we can stay for another 72 hours and so on.  So we will be living in front of Sheri's house for 3 weeks or so.

Tonight we are Street Docking outside our daughters house in Lacombe Alberta, and this is the view looking from our window.

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  1. Looks like you're having a great visit with your family. Congrats to Donovan!


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