Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter Preparations

This morning we had a rude awakening.  The whole reason we go south for 6 months is to escape the snow. Well it finally caught up to us.  Just enough to cover the ground and make us shiver.

Because we are only allowed to park on the street for 72 hours without moving, we had to fire up the Ponderosa and move it a couple feet to comply with the bylaw.  I took a picture just to prove we had moved

Because it was such a gloomy day and because we needed supplies for Easter, we headed into Red Deer to the Bower Place Mall to do some shopping.

The Mall has a lot of rodeo themed displays hanging from the roof.  Gives us guys something to look at while we sit on the comfy chairs awaiting our cowgirls.

After supper it was time to paint Easter Eggs.  We enjoy doing this and it has always been something we did with our kids and now our Grand kids.  It brings out some artistic talents in everyone.  Even Grampa comes up with a painted egg or two.

Gramma bought some Easter Cookies today to decorate after we got one the eggs.  I don't think it was the decorating she was interested in but rather stealing some licks of the icing.  We hope the easter bunny likes our efforts and visits us tonight.

Tonight we are still Street Docking outside our daughters house in Lacombe Alberta, and this is the view looking from her window looking out on the Ponderosa.

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