Saturday, 26 October 2019

Another Great Travel Day

WHERE ARE WE?           Totonaka RV Park, San Carlos, Mexico for 2 nights

NEXT DESTINATION?    Los Mochos, Mexico

We were packed up an leaving the park by 8 this morning.  Dora who is our gracious host was there to make sure we had enjoyed ourselves.  She owns the little park and says that she needs more customers or she may lose it.   Anyone who is travelling south should consider stopping there for the night.   It is 300 peso's and includes 15 amp and water and lots of smiles.  Just call ahead and she will have the gate open for you.  It is just the right distance from the border and Aduana if you are entering at either Nogales or Lukeville to allow for some delays doing paper work and still arriving in daylight.

The trip today was even better roads than yesterday.  We got on highway 15D which is a toll road and headed out at about 8 am.  Here was our route today.

So far we have paid 189 pesos, 100 peso donation, and 250 pesos, in tolls.  Not bad for the nice roads we have been on.  Stopped at a Pemex for fuel for some of the trucks pulling trailers.  We have a range of about 900 kms so we won't need fuel for a couple of days.

Along the road we often see people out with bags harvesting grass seed.  I guess no one cares if they do this along the highway.  The people down here are quite hard working when it comes to making a living for their families.

Apparently the old 15 highway used to go right through downtown Hermisillo which was quite a drive apparently.  Right through the downtown of a large city with lots of tight areas and potholes.  Well today we got to try out the new bypass which is a cement road with very little traffic on it.  They have even built overpasses where there are currently no roads.  I guess they anticipate some pretty significant growth in the city.

About 12;30 we arrived at the Totonaka RV Park which is situated right across the street from the beach on the Sea of Cortez.  Very nice little RV Park with 134 volt power.  You have to be very careful of the power in Mexico because it can be either low or high.  We are making sure we dont run any technical devices, but the AC works fine on higher power so at least we are cool.  The spots are made for about a 30 ft rig, but with a little wiggling, a 40 footer will fit.  We are here for 2 nights so we can enjoy the beach.

We went down to the little pool they have and were sitting enjoying the beautiful day.  We had a short discussion on Keto when all of a sudden there was a rip and a snap and the weld broke on my chair which dropped me about a foot into the chair.  I had quite a time getting back out of it and we thought maybe it was a hint that we should be doing a little calorie watching of some kind.

Well the thoughts of dieting lasted about 3 minutes and we headed out for supper.  We went down the road about a mile to Rosa's Canteena.  A nice little Mexican food restaurant.  We did get a lot of food and need to start ordering smaller things on the menu.

We did resist the urge to get ice cream on the way out however.  Proud of us!!!!

There was even a vendor near there selling ice cream and we never gave in!!!

Beautiful sunset behind the mountain tonight.  This is a beautiful area but we are still excited to get to La Penita!!   We are currently on Mountain time and because we are just in the start of the time zone, the sun goes down quite early.  By 6:30 it is dark.

Here is the view out our window today:


  1. Interesting stuff, now you have us talking about making a trip down there! Does anyone have pets with them?

    1. We have Charlie with us and another guy has Duncan the dog and two of the others have cats so yes lots of pets.

  2. That's the kind of trip I'd like to take but Kathy is a little Phobic about.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Tell Kathy to keep watching us and maybe she will feel better about it. The caravan aspect sure helps with the unknown.

  3. Sounds like fun we enjoyed that park heading south and again heading north about a week each time. Really enjoyed San Carlos. Charlies Rick across the street is a nice bar we enjoyed . Plus a fun time on the beach at the Soggy Peso bar was excellent as well. Our first taste of ceviche there was excellent.


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