Thursday, 31 October 2019

Some Things you can't Unsee!!

WHERE ARE WE?          Baraka RV Park, Mazatlán, Mexico

NEXT DESTINATION?    La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We have enjoyed our time in Mazatlán not because of authentic Mexico culture but rather to see one of the places where people our parents age and older first started to enjoy the Mexico experience.  We have a friend back home by the name of Dave Oakey who has spent a few years in the music industry down here and he told us to make sure we check out the Malicon and the Centro area of Mazatlan.  It is not hard to see that this is where the gringo's have hung out for years.   But first of all we spent some time on the beach just hanging out in the morning.  Even at 10 am it was nearing 30C and we had to seek shade where we could find it.

Well we are sitting out there minding our own business when down the beach walks this very well tanned gentleman in short shorts which we thought nothing of until he got past us.  Apparently he was working on a deep tan or he was a really professional plumber because he showed us a little more cheek than we cared to see.  Some things you just can't un see and this was one of them.

Like I said Dave Oakey from our home town hangs out in downtown Mazatlán, but he will not be here until this Sunday and we will be gone by then so we will miss him.  So I talked P & H and some of our new friends Steve and Julie to join us on a taxi ride down town.  I didn't want the hassle of driving and parking so we thought why not.  It did cost us about 700 pesos for a taxi there and back but what the heck!!  It was a fun ride in a back of a truck in the open air.

First stop was McCaws Hotel which seems to be kinda the home base for Dave in Mexico.  When I asked about him there every one knew him including a lot of the customers.  They said that Rob Lamonica who is from Mexico and plays with Dave, was playing down the street at the Waters Edge Bistro later, so we decided to just hunker down at McCaws for supper first and then go find Rob later.
The Restaurant is nice and the food was great.

After supper the owner put some candy pots on our table and told us that there would be kids coming for treats.  It wasn't long and we could hear the cries of Happy Halloween!!  They came to each table and everyone gave them treats.  It was just what we needed cause we are all grandparents and are missing seeing our own grandkids trick or treating.

We had a great evening there and then went down the street and yes we did get to meet Rob and had a short chat.  He would not be playing for another hour or so, so we headed back to the RV Park.  We have an early morning tomorrow as we do the final leg of our journey.  We took a little walk on the Malecon and flagged another taxi to take us home.

The view out our window tonight is blocked by the Canadian flag.  We have placed it there because we are proud of our homeland no matter how much social unrest there is there right now,  and because the Mexican people have high regard for Canadians.  As we travel down the road we are encouraged by all the waves and smiles from people as we pass.


  1. 350 pesos each way? In the back of a collectivo truck? Methinks you paid the gringo price!

  2. What a fun way to spend Halloween, especially being able to give out candy :-)


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