Thursday, 24 October 2019

Hail Hail the Gangs all Here!

WHERE ARE WE?           Ajo Arizona  


Glad we made it to Ajo yesterday because there was quite a bit of stuff to do to get ready to head into Mexico tomorrow morning.  Pat and Harold showed up for morning coffee and we discussed all the troubles of the world so I think everyone will be in good shape while we are away in Mexico.  Then a bunch of remedial wash the Jeep, drain the tanks, fill with water, go to the bank for peso's.  Now do you believe that a town that is less than 40 miles from Mexico has no peso's?   I could not believe it.  There are hundreds of people every day go through here on their way to Mexico and they have no Peso's.  Oh well!!  The most important task I did today was to clean all the front windows in the Ponderosa.  We will not be looking back so no need to do the back ones.

There are lots of nice red flowers blooming around the park and I got one picture up by the showers,  Nice Adobe style building with the pretty arches.

And out in front of the Ponderosa there were a bunch of Javelina's running around.  Of course by the time I got my camera out they all headed into the brush except this one.

The reason we are hanging around this RV park is to meet up with our caravan members that we will be travelling to La Penita with.  I am not going to attempt names at this point because it will take me a couple days to get them all straight.   So for now here is the team, and I will tell you that Brian and Jolynn are our fearless leaders.  We are so glad that they have allowed us to tag along with them and we hope we don't prove to be a slow down for them.  They gave us a quick run down on how the caravan will work and then we all did introductions.  It sounds like we have a great bunch to travel with.  And yes everyone was warned that I am not responsible if your pose is not what you want in the picture.  Ask Pat!!!

Although the meeting was quite informative for us Newbies, Joss (with the straw hat) and his dog Duncan may have been just a wee bit bored.   He has been doing this trip for about 14 years I think he said.  He will be fun to have along just to hear the stories from trips gone by.

After the team meeting most of us headed over to Pizza Hut to have a last feed of Pizza.  Pizza is not readily available where we are going apparently.  I had to be different and had spaghetti and meatballs.  I'm gonna attempt to name everyone in this picture.  Forgive me if the spellings are off.

So once again I have no view from our window cause I didnt take one.  I will get better I promise.  Instead a little story which takes place in the bathroom of course.  I was in there and was joined by an employee of Pizza Hut, who obviously didn't know I was there.  I couldn't figure out why he was humming Happy Birthday until I went to dry my hands and this sign was on the paper towel dispenser.  I just thought he was getting tuned up to sing to some customer who had a birthday.  So tomorrow morning at 7:45 we will do a radio check and we will be off on our Mexican Adventure.  Can't wait!!!


  1. Glad to be sharing the adventure with you! You can start humming "On the Road Again" in about 1.25 hrs!

  2. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We will try to give an accurate account especially for those that may want to venture down here, but are afraid because of all the bad stories that are spread mainly by people who haven't even been here.

  3. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Looking forward to your words and pictures.

  4. How exciting to be off on a totally new adventure :-) Those flower are bougainvillea and I love them but most people who live in the south consider them a weed! And lucky you seeing a javelina, we had hope to see them when we were boondocking in Ajo but never did.

  5. There are some pretty weeds in this world!! There were about 20 javelina's there but that is the only one I even came close to getting a good picture of.


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