Wednesday, 23 October 2019

First Part of Adventure Complete, on to Part Two

WHERE ARE WE?           Ajo Arizona  

Because of the slow downs we have been having, today was make up day.   We got up this morning bright and early and were on the road by 7 am.  That is unheard of for Sue and I because we like to sleep till 9 or so normally.  We always comment how beautiful mornings are and that we should enjoy more of them, but then very quickly we fall back into the 9 am risings.  Charlie was even nodding off looking out the window.

We took a shortcut at Hatch over to Demming to cut off a few miles.  A quick stop in Hatch to make a coffee and have a look at a pepper store.  Hatch of course is known for its pepper growing and processing.  They make lots of yummy hot sauces and salsa's.  We don't need any salsa cause we get the best in the world from a friend in Rivers and we have a cupboard full.

We passed a semi trailer on the road and I noticed a red fire truck tied on the back of his load.  Next rest stop when we pulled in, he was parked next to us so I asked him why he had the fire truck on there.  He said his buddies started it by having a toy loader which they tied down on their empty trailer so they could tell everyone that they were doing a backhaul.  Then everyone got in on the act and started tying down all sorts of toy things.  The guy says he figures he makes some kids day when they see the toys on the back of a semi going down the highway.   Good for them!!

P & H stopped in Tucson to do some phone business and Sue and I decided to carry on to Ajo and get settled in.  We will see P & H in the morning when they get here.  Nice little campground in Ajo called Shadow Ridge RV Park.  This is where we are going to meet the rest of the caravan and our wagon masters tomorrow.  We are getting excited to get the second part of this winters adventure underway when we head into Mexico on Friday morning.  I have to post this picture for my friend George who writes Our Awesome Travels.   He is a little under the weather so will not be visiting Ajo this winter.   This one is for you George!!!

This is the map of our travels today.  864 kilometers is a lot of travelling.   We travelled from just south of Albuquerque to Ajo today.  We are bushed tonight.

Our internet is super slow tonight so I cut way back on the pictures.  If it is better in the morning I may add some more.  If not, well you got the story anyway.

I also forgot the view out our window tonight so instead here is where we are parked.


  1. Glad you made it to Ajo. Safe travels! We miss you guys already.

  2. You made great time considering your set backs, it certainly could have been a lot worse. Enjoy the next leg of your journey!

  3. Glad to read you made it safely. We have spent time in that area and have always enjoyed our time there.
    Looking forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of "Part Two".
    Continued safe journey.

  4. Safe travels great pictures....nice picture for George & Suzie. Wishing him well!!

  5. That was a long day but glad you made it safely and are looking forward to the next leg on your winter adventure.


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