Friday, 25 October 2019

Hola Mexico!!!

WHERE ARE WE?           Punta RV Park, Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico 
NEXT DESTINATION?    San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

We were up and at it and rolling our wheels by 8 am this morning.  There are 6 rigs in the caravan and we are number 3 in the line.  We headed down 85 highway to Lukeville, AZ where we crossed the border into Mexico.  We passed by Organ Pipe National Monument on our way.  We have visited this monument 4 years ago when we were at Ajo for the fiddlers contest in February that year.  Very pretty country.

When we got to Lukeville we crossed the border into Mexico.  A quick check over by a customs officer and we moved ahead and parked along the side of the road and had to walk waaaaay back to the office where we got our FMM stamped.  Because we had purchased it on line ahead of time the process was easy peasy.  Anyone who didn't have one had to fill in the paper work before they got the stamp.  Not really a big deal but it is quicker if done online.

Then we headed on down the road for about 20 miles to the Aduana where we would validate our TIP (Temporary Import Permit).  Some pretty mountain country on the way there.   When we got there we showed them our TIP permits on the windshield of both the MH and the Jeep and we were waived through.  Anyone who didn't have a TIP had to get one there.   It took us about and hour of waiting before everyone got through.  Now I don't know if any of you have been in a caravan before, but having a good leader is invaluable.  Especially one that knows Spanish quite well.  Jolynn and Brian are good at what they do and they make us feel comfortable when they are there to help us.  With time, dealing with the Spanish language will be easier, but right now it is quite confusing.  That is where Jolynn steps in and speaks on our behalf.  She helped all of us get through the TIP process today.  Thanks guys!!!

That was the last official stop in Mexico until we return and have to turn in our TIP again so off we went on our journey.  Farther down the road and we saw a couple trucks that had left the road and rolled, probably last night.  They were within a mile of each other which did seem rather strange.  Hope everyone was all right.

After a fairly short day, we stopped for the night at the Punta RV Park in Santa Ana.  This stop was all pre arranged by Brian and Jolynn and it is a nice parking area with 15 amp power and water.  We don't need services so we just parked on the side all lined up for morning.  It looks crowded but was not that bad actually.

We had a nice happy hour on the deck which is part of the park.  We are slowly getting to know our fellow travellers and I think we are gonna maybe fit in just a bit.  Great bunch of people and we are blessed that they are taking the time to share this journey with us.

Charlie and his new friend Duncan hung around with us at Happy Hour as well.  I think he will like Mexico too.

After happy hour we all went out for supper.  Nobody wants to cook after travelling when it is this warm.  We went to a little Restaurant down the road and had a great supper.  Brian had a big ole breaded steak that was bigger than his plate.  He ended up taking half of it home.  All of the other meals were great too. 

Here is the view out our window tonight.


  1. We travelled that route 9 years ago on our own from Mazatlan stay at the park as our last stop, Before that San Carlos on the way down for a week and again on the way back avery nice Americanized Mexican town, Enjoy your journey and have lotsa fun.

    1. Thanks George. Other than supper we didn't have any time to look around. Just an overnight stop.

  2. I am so interested in following along on your adventures. We have talked about Mexico but I am to chicken to try it and I really think you have the right idea doing it with an experienced guide and also someone who speaks the language. Holy crap that steak was big!!!

  3. It is great so far. Roads have been real good and food is delicious. No reason to fear that we can see so far!!

  4. The roads look a bit narrow. Lots of concentration I'm sure the truck drivers would attest. Travel safe.
    I'm with Maxx Trails. Would love to go but a bit chicken. Caravan seems like the way to go.

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  6. Congratulations on your first day in Mexico! I know you guys will have a great time down there this winter. :-)

  7. We have traveled the Baja 2 years previously and plan on going again in late January. We will go as far down as Mulege - Santispac Beach - and stay as we did the past 2 years for 2 months. It is not a serviced campground but does have dump facilities. How did you find out about the tour group? Who did you get your insurance through? We have dealt with Lewis and Lewis but find them fairly expensive. How much was your TIP? We have thought about going to the mainland, but don't know about traveling alone as we do the Baja. My sister follows your Blog so Thought I would check yours out. She is Chillin with Patsy


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