Friday, 1 November 2019

Our Last Leg of the Journey to La Penita Mexico

WHERE ARE WE?          La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

NEXT DESTINATION?    Here for 3 months

We were up at 6 am with the intention of leaving at 7 am.  Leonard and Judith have agreed to lead us to a Pemix station a piece down the road where we can get fuel.  The rest of the caravan had unhooked their trucks in the park so they had fueled up over the course of the last 3 days.  It all worked out well and we were ready and fueled by the time the rest of the caravan arrived.  This was our route for today.

We had some pretty boring Couto to travel on for the first couple hours but did see a couple neat things at the gas station.  One was a motorcycle with two coolers on the sides.  We have seen these before but never got a picture.  The other was a truck that was loaded as high as possible with nice wood tables and chairs.

It wasn't long and we turned off the toll road we have followed all the way down and head through Tepic and on to highway 200.  We had some pretty tight driving for a few miles through town but it was real Mexican driving in my opinion.  Pictures don't really do justice to how narrow it actually was. We followed this bus most of the way so he broke trail for us.

After we got out of the tight quarters in the city we had about and hour of intense 2 lane mountain driving. It started out kinda mild but then we got into the twists and turns under a canopy of lush greenery.  It is definitely the jungle.   There was not one square inch of straight road in the mountains and most of it was 40 to 50 kms maximum.  Road was uphill for a long ways and then downhill for a long way.  Not super steep but steady grades.

Once again I must say that the only slightly un nerving thing we have seen are the soldiers with machine guns riding in trucks.  They are certainly of no danger to us but we are not used to seeing this sort of thing on the roads.  We have never once felt unsafe on this entire trip.

We were beat by the time we got to the park.  We met Antonio right away and he told us the road up to our sight had washed out over the summer and the tractor would fix it tomorrow, so he gave us a spot by the office for the next day or so.  We were just happy to be here.

Brian and Jolynn have done a great job of dragging us all the way down here and we are so grateful for people like this.  They even bought us all supper when we got here.  We joined them and some other new friends from the park up at Cecies which is the park restaurant.  What a great meal we all had.  We will get back at them some how later.

I will tell you more about the park and all the people here later.  We have 3 months to bring you up to speed but for tonight here is the view out our window.


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