Monday 18 November 2019

A Walk to the Market

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Mexico is for the most part a simple place.  The slow pace tends to run off on us Gringo's too, not that I am a speedy fellow to start out with.  The lack of stress is good for everyone, especially old people like me.  Manana is still the operative word around here.

I tried to give the Wikipedia definition of Manana in a previous post.  It means "an unspecified time in the future".  After experiencing some manana, I think I can give you a better explanation today.   One of the things I need done is a recharge on my 3 AC units and in Mexico, local shops can still do that, unlike back in Canada.  If you read my previous post about this you would remember that I first talked to Antonio at the Park Office about finding me an AC guy a week ago last Friday.  At that time he told me he would contact Alonso the AC guy but probably not until Monday because Alonso didn't work on weekends.  So Monday Antonio tells me that Alonso "should" be here Tuesday around 9.  Tuesday came and went, and Wednesday, and Thursday I went to see Antonio about it.  He tried calling but Alonso didn't answer.  Apparently Alonso was not feeling good so took the day off and because last weekend was Revolution Day holiday, he took Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday off too.  They love to have family time and that is great.  So Antonio said he will call on Tuesday to see when he will be here.  Now, I am in no real hurry to have this done either so manana is ok with me too, but I shared this to let you know how that word works!!!  And there may be more manana before we get this project done!!

The girls headed down to the Market in Rincon Guayabitos to look around and Harold and I stayed behind to play volleyball.  After we were done we got our shoes on and walked down to the market.  It is about a 4 mile walk so it took us a while.  Out the back gate and down a gravel road and through the town of La Penita.

Then across a swinging bridge and into the rich part of Guayabitos.  

Lots of Canadians come here to stay in these elegant houses and apartments.  The neat thing is that right now they are totally abandoned because no one has arrived yet.  It was sort of an eerie feeling walking here and I totally expected some zombies from Walking Dead to come around one of the corners.   

The only traffic we saw was a tour bus who was just putting in time waiting on his load of passengers from the market.

Lots of big tennis courts around, and no they were not pickle ball courts.  Empty as well.

By the time Harold and I made it to the market, the vendors were all tearing down.  Good timing because now we didn't have to wander in there in the heat.

We wandered downtown a little farther through some of the tourist shops and grabbed a couple donuts and caught a taxi home.  40 peso's to take us back home.  Thats like less than 3 dollars!!

One of our blogger friends Patsy, who writes  Chillin' with Patsy  left a comment yesterday about where to find the magic button that allows people to comment without going through their Google Accounts.  A while ago I posted some things that people wanting to comment could do to help with that but it was a process.  Then I found this magic button on my end and poof!!! Problem seems to be solved.  So for anyone using blogger, go to your dashboard or design page and here is a screenshot of what you do to allow anyone to post.  

Hope this helps.  Here is a picture of another pretty flower on a tree in the park.  Hope you had a great day!!


  1. No google account can comment as "Anonymous" but you give up ability to edit or delete comment once posted. Love following your blog - tripping with you vicariously! Anita

  2. We love having you along!! Wish I could take better photo's like you can.

  3. Lots of walking, I don't recall you walking this much in the past, although I could be wrong. Thanks for the photos, they are always interesting. Stay safe and hydrated.

    1. Actually I am walking less this year than most years. Today was a little different though because it was a long hike.


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