Sunday 3 November 2019

A Trip Map of our travels

So just a quick recap on our trip this year so far.  We left home on October 17th and headed south through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and into Arizona.  It you look at the map you can see that it would have been a lot closer to just go down to Laredo or Brownsville Texas and cross into Mexico.   Our trip was almost 5000 kilometers because we deviated and drove the extra miles so we could meet up with a caravan who were heading south.  We are very happy that we did.  We have made some great new friends and have a kind of heads up here in the park because we already know people from here.  I am going to devote one blog post to the actual costs etc involved because we travelled like "Gringo's".   There are lots of cheaper ways to travel Mexico, but that is a different story.  For the first trip we are prepared to pay the piper, and there are lots of pipers in Mexico if you travel the toll roads and visit the tourist places.  Here is the map of our trip.

Back to today!!!  I must admit that I have turned into an early riser.  6:30 I am up and at it because it is cooler at that time of day, if you call 28C cooler.  Today was quite humid and with the heat and no breeze, we are really feeling it.  Everyone says we will get used to it plus the temperatures will go down a bit as "winter" approaches.  Charlie and I went for a little walk on the beach this morning.  The RV park is up on the hill behind us.

After our walk we got the Ponderosa ready to move to our allotted parking spot for the winter.  We have had a day to scout out how we will park and decided to share a courtyard.  P & H backed into their site which is the traditional way, and we drove into ours so that our awnings meet in the middle which should provide some shade all day long.   I don't think too many people have tried to do this because we go a lot of looks and people saying that they hadn't thought of doing it this way.

We are at the top of the hill but right beside the pool and the restaurant.  Although it is a sunny spot, being that close to the pool is great.  We had 3 or 4 swims today to cool down.

In the afternoon, Steve and Julie lead us into La Penita to show us around.  I wanted to get some fresh fruit and just look around.  It has been a long time since we were last here and we didn't really do any shopping in La Penita then.  Of course it was super hot so they took us to the Gringo bar for some refreshments and some fish taco's.

We took a little walk afterwards down some of the narrow streets.  Such a neat little town and it is only about a half mile from the RV Park.

Susan often complains how I never buy her anything so today I splurged on a new ride for her.  Her old ride is wore out and it was only 95 peso's, so I thought what the heck!!  She wasn't quite as enthused as I thought she might be.

Then off to home we went to relax in the court yard.  Our biggest hurdle is to get used to the heat and humidity, however everyone assures us that it will get better in a couple weeks.  I guess that is why a lot of the park residents don't show up until December or January.

We were invited for a free welcome supper paid for by the owner of the park tonight.  Cecie had prepared Coconut Shrimp for everyone.  Now these are not Superstore shrimp, but rather fresh caught big ones.  Mmmmmmmmmm!  Thanks so much Carole.

Our view out the window tonight:


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