Saturday 9 November 2019

Rig wash day

Today was wash day for the Ponderosa.  There is a company (Car Wash Mobile) that does most of the rig washing in the park and we booked them a week or so ago for 8 am Mexico time.   So about 8:45 they showed up ready to go to work.  It is interesting to see how these businesses work because the van showed up and out got a guy and two girls and 3 kids and 2 dogs.  No need for day care or doggie kennels down here.  Just bring them along!!

It wasn't long and they were up on the roof scrubbing away.   It hasn't been washed since Sue and I did it last year in Florida.  They worked hard and fast and before long they had it looking pretty nice.

I even got them to wash out the radiator but it didn't seem all that dirty.

We even got a spit shine from the little guy.  They start getting them involved at a young age here.  At home we would call it child labour but here it is called instilling a good work ethic.  I didn't quite catch his face but he had a soother in his mouth!! LOL

We even got them to wash our carpet.  With a dog around it gets dirty and smelly quite fast.  This washing fixed it right up.

I did feel guilty because while all this work was going on I went over to the poolside restaurant and had a really really good glass of orange juice and a really tasty breakfast.  

And that was our day.  The rest was swimming in the pool and relaxing in the shade.  See you tomorrow.

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