Sunday 10 November 2019

Good Time with new Friends

Another warm day in Paradise.   We are reminded everyday that it will be cooler in a short while, but for now we are roasting.  I must admit it is more bearable as we climatize but the humidity gets us.  We played pool volleyball this morning with a lot of people who we have met in the park.  Its fun to play with not a lot of rules and lots of people on each side.  The object of the game is to laugh lots and that we did.  We worked up an appetite and decided to have breakfast at Cecies.  We are gonna have to cut back on the eating out, not because of the cost, but rather because of the fattening factor.

After breakfast Sue and I took a drive down to the Baja Market to get something for meat to eat.  It is only about a mile down the road.  We also drove into La Penita, just because we could.  Here is one of the road signs with a traffic light.  Sometimes the traffic lights are hard to see so you have to pay attention.

The butcher at the Baja Market was joking with us about Canada and how cold it is, and then when he went to get our ribs in the freezer he put on a winter coat!!  We told him that his freezer is like a nice winter day at home.  He laughed.

We wandered down to Steve and Julies for happy hour.  They had invited us to share some of Julies signature curry shrimp.  All I can say is WOW!!!  Thanks for sharing that with us.

Steve has finished the kitchen he made after having a fun time sourcing enough stain for it.  He did a great job and it will make cooking outdoors easier.

They even bought a new outdoor fridge to store more in.  It is sure handy not having to run in and out to get the beer!!!

And they bought a good size fan which they set up outside.  Guess who really likes it.  I guess it reminds him of our friends Jim and Marilyn who used to set up a fan for him at Rivers Lake.

By the time happy hour was over it was time to go up to Hamburger Night by the Pool.  They have this every Sunday night and the proceeds go to sending some boys to school.  I haven't got all the details yet but will share them when somebody tells me how it all works.  For now I just know that we pay 100 peso's or about 7 bucks for a great big chicken or hamburger and French fries with all the trimmings.   And it is delicious!!!

And of course to add to the fat factor, for another 25 pesos, Kenya will sell you a piece of her awesome cake or 15 pesos for Rice Pudding.  Burp!!!!

And Jolynn had the bar up and running in case anyone wanted a drink.  It looks quite nice in there tonight with all the lights and the neat sign.  We all had a great night with some good laughs and a dip in the pool to end it all off, and we were still home in bed by 8:30 LOL.

With all the stories about Mexican safety, here is a really good chart to go by.  And it is not really that far off being true!!  Thats how I kind of judge my safety.   Goodnight!!


  1. We played pool volleyball for the first time at the Akumal resort with Bill's kids. It was fun and a whole ton of laughs.
    Hamburger night at Pilot Knob is similar and also quite cheap at $5. Why not, if it means no cooking at home!?
    Your chart appears to be very realistic. :)

  2. I enjoy reading your posts. You always have the most interesting things to say.


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