Tuesday 26 November 2019

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Well we put it out there for all of you to respond to my question...what should we name our elf on the shelf.  We got lots of good responses however one got our attention.  We thought it was a good one because it goes with the Ponderosa theme.  DRUM ROLL...…..  and the winner is..... I'm so excited... oh dear my hand got stuck in the draw drum....  oh here it is....  We have a winner!!   Little Joe or Little Jose!!!  Our friend Angie came up with it and with her permission we are going to change it a wee bit and make it all Spanish....."Pequeno Jose" which is still Little Joe in English and for all my gringo friends it sounds like "pekenio hoseh".  Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.

Pequeno Jose
 Today we started our Spanish lessons.  Ivan comes to the park twice a week and teaches Spanish to anyone who wants to learn.  He is a really good teacher and we learned lots of neat things this session.  Not only does he teach the language but he relates it to the culture as well.  I think that will help a lot with our learning.

Notice the loaf of bread I bought from the bread lady as she drove by!!
In the afternoon we headed over to Mario's restaurant which is across the street from the park.  It is a well known Gringo place with really good food.   Our server took a picture for us.  I never got his name though.  My burrito was fantastic.  The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch as the sign says.  Loncheria is a lunch or snack place.  Tortas are sandwiches made from flat bread or bollio buns with a variety of fillings.  

Right by the restaurant is the high school and it was home time for the students.  Some of them walked and some took a taxi and some went on a school bus.  We wonder if the school transports the closer kids in a taxi rather than have a great big bus go through all the narrow streets and roads.  I will find out one day I suppose.  Manana!!!

We also noticed that there are a few vendors outside the school gates so were thinking that probably lots of the kids eat there.  It seems like they really look after their own down here and this is probably one example.

After a nice lunch with P & H, Sue and I headed downtown to get some medications for Charlie.  We had to go to a vet to get a prescription however they didn't need to see the dog!!!  Because it was 3pm the vet was not there (siesta I think) and we were told to come back after 5.  So it made for 2 trips.  Charlie has a growth on his elbow that swells up sometimes and is quite sore so we have to give him antibiotics.  And the medications are so cheap here.  300 pesos for 10 days of antibiotics.  Thats like 20 bucks.  He will feel better in a couple days I'm sure.

Well that was about our day.  Oh yes I was supposed to research our 12v electrical problem but I didn't get around to it.  Manana!!  Actually later last night our 12v quit all together so I'm pretty sure there is a cable problem.  I just shut off the Coach electrical protector and went to bed.  Maybe I will switch everything over to wind power in the morning.  I have a great plan for a turbine!!!  Tomorrow is another day.  Hope your day went well!!


  1. Sounds like you are all continuing to have a wonderful time in Mexico. It is fun to read about what you are all up to.

    1. We are gonna have some fun after it cools down here. Its almost too hot to get out and do things..

  2. I love how quickly you adopted manana :-)

  3. Great way to learn Spanish, rather than our teachers in school who've never been to Mexico!
    Manana is what I said about dusting the Suite yesterday. Now Manana has come.
    Missed naming your elf but I love Little Joe.........Pequeno Jose. :D I'll probably learn more from your blogs than trying to teach myself!

  4. I am not good at Spanish but I do try. It is a neat language. Manana is sometimes a good thing.

  5. Love the wind generator. Haha.
    Like Patsy, I'll probably learn more from you about Spanish than any other way.
    Good name for the elf!!!


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