Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Attacking the Honey Do list

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

So after yesterdays story about Manana was finished and I had hit the send button, up drove a truck with a couple guys in it.  It was Alonso the AC guy!!  He must have been reading my mind.  Anyway he hops out and starts telling me that he can only do automotive AC but he has a friend who can do the roof AC's.  I ask him how much and he says 500 peso's for the automotive AC and I immediately think that is way too much.  Then I shake my head and realize that is only about $35 CND.  I couldn't get a mechanic to answer the phone for $35 bucks back home.  (Sorry Shane).  So he goes to work and within a minute of me starting the MH and him pumping Freon, we have nice cold air coming from the vents.  Fixed!!!   Gracious Alonso!!  I asked him when his friend might come and he said Manana with a sly smile. Here we go again!!  LOL  So I went and had a nap.

So the girls went to PV today so that left us free to catch up on the honey do list.  Sue has been bugging me to remove the passenger seat to free up space in the entrance.  It is a simple thing to do but I have been dragging my feet.  Today was the day.  4 bolts and out came the seat.

I put our little cupboard there for now and built a square base for the chair out of plywood and now we have a nice easy chair in the living room.  It will only take 20 minutes or so to put it back when we are ready to move again and it sure makes a lot more room at the front door.

Next project was to mount our bedroom TV in the basement.  The weather is so perfect here that we would like to be outside watching TV in the evenings.  That TV already was mounted to the ceiling so all I had to do was take out the old screws and then re-screw it to the ceiling in the basement.  It folds up out of the way real nice.  We may just leave it there because we don't watch it in the bedroom much anyway.

Before I started

The Mount

Ready to watch
Folded out of the way
After working that hard all day (probably an hour total), Ha Ha, Harold, Steve and I decided to treat ourselves to Taco Tuesday across the way.  The girls were going to be late so off we went.  First thing was the Margarita table.  The boys talked me into one and wow.   That is why the next few pictures are blurry!!  And did I mention, they were free!!

Its always nice to meet some new people and these get togethers give one a chance to have a chat.  I am trying my best to remember names so be patient and please correct me if I get it wrong.  Because this is a journal for Sue and I, it is nice to record them here for future reference.  Here are our new friends Rita and Bill, Wally and Pat.  We enjoyed Rita's daughter Debbie and Andreas for a couple weeks at the beginning of our stay here but they have since returned home to shovel snow.  They will be back in the new year to stay for a while before driving the MH back to Canada.  With the smiles and giggles these four have, I'm sure we will have more to do with them before the winter is out.

There was a good selection at the Taco cart.  Pescado, Camarones, Papas, Cebolla frita, Cerdo, Carne, Ensalada and all of the trimmings for the taco.  MMM good.  

And then the killer.  Home made crepes made right on the grill in front of you.  Then any toppings you want.  Some caramel goats milk sauce first with banana, peach, strawberry and a big blob of whipped cream.  Did I need it?  Not on your life but how could a person resist?  

One of the things we have noticed here is the fact that there are lots of ATV's.  They use them for going everywhere.  Our new friends Jeff and Lisa have one and they go everywhere in it and the Park owners Carole and Grant have about 3 of them.  You can drive them on the roads down here, but the neat thing is you can use them instead of walking up and down the hills in the park.  If I was 20 years younger the hills would not be a problem, but I sure feel it now.  So one of these bright shiny things has been added to the bucket list.  Its way at the bottom right now but could climb quickly with each trip we make up the hill from town. LOL   Hope you had a great day.

Not sure who owns this one but if you want to sell it give me a call!!

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